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Shilluk Communities vs Shilluk International Congress (SIC) By: Kimo Ajing Aba
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Oct 10, 2007 - 8:37:29 AM




                                                        Shilluk Communities


                                           Shilluk International Congress (SIC)




By: Kimo Ajing Aba

[email protected]


On October,4th 2007, the so- called Shilluk International Congress (SIC) issued its second public outing, press release, calling upon the SPLM’ s Leadership Council, to suck the current Secretary General, Mr. Pagan Amum Okiech from his position. However, the entire Shilluk Communities are not surprised by appeals that have originated from nowhere, and with no genuine roots and causes.


The majority of Shilluk today, as I am jotting down these few words, are either, committed members, die- heart loyalists, or supporters of the SPLM and SPLA. Comrade/ Pagan Amum Okiech were among the rare Shilluk sons and daughters, who penetrated the bush and offered their entire lives and childhoods for the Movement. Today, the SPLM party is more ready to deliver peace dividends than in any pastimes.


Comrade/ Pagan Amum is not only the Secretary General of the SPLM party, but also the Diplomatic Advisor to the Presidency Office of H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardid. Here is a political guru, who never fail, betray, or compromise his believe in the SPLM/A and in his people. For sure, the death of our leader/ Dr. John Garang de Mabiour did not leave the SPLM/A in a disarray, rather it has crafted it with courage, strength, and determination to achieve the aspiration of the Southern Sudanese, in particular, and the Sudanese, in general.  


Definitely, the sound, clear, and unanimous transformation of power and leadership to H.E. Salva Kiir left those, alike the Shilluk International Congress (SIC), who opted for the “ milking of a dead cow” in a pitiful situation. The only venue left over for such group is to label and call blasphemy, apostasy and slanderous names. Hence, attacks against the very pillars of the Movement can only have a final goal of demising the SPLM/A itself.


Yet, what is disdainful and scornful enough for the Shilluk communities, the attempts by the so-called Shilluk International Congress (SIC) to exploit the Shilluk Community as its credential political base to launch attacks against the Movement and the Government of South Sudan (GOSS). Drastic and prompt measures should be put in place to meet any future misuse of Shilluk community name by the SIC for its sick goals and agendas. Also SIC’s new patent of character assassination connotes lack of logic and ability to confront in public. Personal characteristics of Comrade/ Pagan Amum are beyond single doubt. Years back, and while in the bush, many have come to known this gentleman.   


The cowardice and shadowy acts of politics are alien to our community and by themselves, constituted a proof that Shilluk International Congress (SIC) is not a genuine Shilluk organization. The Shilluk based- community organizations know where to draw the line between its own tribal boundaries and limits and the Politics, in particular. In addition, the affairs of the SPLM are not tribally- categorized, including the position of the SPLM Secretary General.


So far, the SIC has nothing to do with Shilluk interest or representation in the Movement. Like wise, it has no stake or sway on how, why, and when the Movement should or should not endorse any replacements.  To transform a guerilla- warfare organization into a civic political party is a mammoth task, which has failed many in Africa and the region. Despite this fact, Comrade/ Pagan Amum accepted the challenge and have shoulder such an ambiguous and so complicated assignment. Today, the official registration records of the SPLM party show about five million (5,000,000.00) members coming from various parts of the country. I opted to see the Secretariat of the Shilluk International Congress revealing the list of its full members or that of its executive body, or head offices. Security pretexts are not good reasons whatsoever, for making excuses.



Undoubtfully, the full and complete implementation of the CPA was at the core interest of the SPLM General Secretariat. Hence, several concerns aroused as to crux parts in the agreement, which the NCP party; has so far, shown little motivation to implement. Even H. E. Salva Kiir wised himself up and approached the Regional Assembly in Juba admitting that he is worried, alarmed, and deeply concerned about serious reneging from the implementation of the CPA.


 Clearly enough, the matter has bypassed the political bickering between the National Congress Party (NCP) and the SPLM, into direct and intentional infringement on the CPA by the NCP. This situation is not acceptable, nor tolerable by the SPLM. Therefore, The Shilluk International Congress (SIC) should know that SPLM is not a cowardice movement. This movement has spearheaded a relentless struggle for 21 years.



                                                                                                                   Kimo Ajing Aba

                                                                                                                     Alexandria , VA

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