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SPLM is leading the south to unknown future by Sabino Diok, Canada
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Sep 24, 2008 - 9:22:17 AM

SPLM is leading the south to unknown future

  The statement of Dr. Luke that the national election in 2009 could be postponed for six months, has no logical reasons in it because the SPLM was present when the schedule for the national election was set up. Perhaps some people may argue that Dr. Luke has spoken for himself. Then, why he delivered that statement publicly through media? Therefore, to convince the southerners that statement wasn’t the GOSS point of view or her opinion, the government should denounce it in media too. But I think that the head of the SPLM knew about the idea of postponing the election; so Dr. Luke announced what was already there in their agenda. And now, many southerners begin to doubt the SPLM leadership because it becomes obvious to them that these leaders are leading the nation of the south toward unknown future. Thus, the people of the South Sudan must stand up to let that not happens. For it seems that the leadership of the SPLM doesn’t care of what the consequences of their decision of postponing the election could be for the southerners. They want to blow away the hope of the southerners of having an independent state in the near future.

Sabino Diok, Canada


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