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SPLM foreign Representation by Omar Khalid
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Aug 25, 2008 - 6:16:10 AM

SPLM foreign Representation

According to news reports, GoSS have agreed to give its Liaison Offices abroad the same diplomatic status as Embassies in an attempt to improve the working relations between Sudan's Embassies and GoSS Liaison Missions around the world.

The change in status will permit GoSS Liaison Offices the authority to issue visas to foreigners traveling to Southern Sudan. These GoSS missions will also have authority to promote social, economic and cultural ties between Southern Sudan and other countries

The question that poses itself is which country in the world will accept to give GoSS Liaison Offices and their officials diplomatic status when South Sudan is not yet an independent State with its own Foreign Ministry?
Another question to ask is “Can the Sudanese public understand that there is lack of cooperation between GoSS Liaison Missions abroad with those of the mainstream Sudan Embassies around the World?” If there is cooperation within the partnership context of the CPA between the NCP and SPLM what are the reasons of for creating extra relations with foreigners other than that for good benefits to Sudan as a country and all its parts, be it South or North?
But now its seems that the SPLM delegation visiting USA currently is dealing with the GoSS Liaison Mission in that country and ignoring the mainstream Sudanese Embassy and that is happening for the second time which means that they are doing it intentionally

It also seems that the GoSS Liaison Missions abroad, especially that in the USA have the full powers to conduct diplomatic activities apart from the main Sudanese embassy in that country. Otherwise how can we evaluate USA coordination with SPLM office and not with the Sudanese Embassy there?

From what is happening, we can conclude from the SPLM delegation visit to USA the ill intention its members have as they have not even put the highest Sudanese authorities in the picture of what is taking place now!


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