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SPLM Unjustifiable Withdrawal By: Helen Andrew
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Jan 7, 2009 - 12:50:29 AM

SPLM Unjustifiable Withdrawal

By: Helen Andrew

The worst thing in any partnership is to betray what is agreed upon with your partner. The strange step taken by the SPLM, the major partner in the GoNU,  recently in the parliament by its withdrawal is considered a high treason especially that the movement accepted representation in the parliament by 28% against 52% for the NCP with the other 20% to other political powers including the opposition parties.

The withdrawal from the National Assembly is but a proof that the SPLM is still bearing the bush mentality despite all the efforts from the Sudanese political forces to unite the national ranks.

SPLM is mistaken if it thinks that such withdrawals from the GoNU or the National Assembly or in the States governments will affect the activities of the government. NCP, the other partner will go ahead with implementing the government policies.

The withdrawal has proved that the SPLM could not be relied on to govern or lead a nation as its leaders aspire.

The question that poses itself is on whose behalf did they withdraw? For themselves or for those whom they represent from Southern Sudan?
The withdrawal step from the parliament is unjustifiable because the withdrawal in itself cannot be a pressing factor for a party which is a partner in the power in all its levels and with an agreed on percentage.
Most of the SPLM MPs in the National Assembly were witnessed during the sessions passing time in the cafeteria attached to the parliament taking tea, coffee and cigarettes without any participation in the bills presented before the council with the exception of few of the serious MPs.
We call on the SPLM leadership to reconsider its stances for the sake of the Sudanese people and their welfare


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