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SPLM Official Counters the Recent Remarks of the NCP Official over Abyie and Darfour Translated by MAJOK NIKODEMO AROU
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Jul 28, 2007 - 9:22:42 PM

SPLM Official Counters the Recent Remarks of the NCP Official over Abyie and Darfour         






July 26, 2007 ( KHARTOUM )

- SPLM official has rebuffed the recent accusations uttered recently by the National Congress Party (NCP) official over the SPLM’s Darfour mediation role, saying his claims tantamount to the psychological warfare.

“My confidence has been shaken over the partnership with the NCP and their incessant previous pledges to implement the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Accusing the SPLM of indulging in the political brokerage over the Darfour issue, is definitely a rhetoric that lacks decency and decorum”, Atem Garang, Deputy Speaker of the Sudan National Assembly and a senior SPLM official, has recently told the local Arabic language daily, Akhbar al-yom in an interview.

Scotching the remarks made by the Sudanese President’s adviser and the NCP official, Mustafa Osman Ismail, Atem said that “we are not brokers as we cannot simply broker in issues pertinent to our people. In the fullest sense of the word, the NCP is the greatest broker of all when it comes to the agreements’ transactions. They did not honour the agreements they have previously signed. As a proven record, it is simply a brokerage when a political force is lured with bait then deprived afterwards”.

He cited the dishonouring of the Khartoum Peace Agreement with Dr Riek Machar, Fashoda Peace Agreement with Dr Lam Akol, Djibouti Call with, Imam Sadiq Al- Mahdi as examples.

Atem noted that if Machar and Akol had not rejoined the SPLM, they would have been in prisons.

He noted that the NCP exercise some sort of the foreign brokerage when they pledged to bring peace to Somalia - could they restore stability to the battered Somalia when they fail to bring peace to Darfour? Hence, who is a broker? It is a pity, they attempted to broker the Lebanese peace, yet unable to bring peace to their own yard in Darfour? The question could be put forward once more, who is a broker, the NCP or the SPLM? The Sudanese people are left to judge anyway.

Atem underscored that this country needs truth and transparency rather than hallow scoffing, indicating that overconfidence and poor discretion could at worst lead to blind alley. The NCP leaders deem themselves as prophets without blemishes, or corruption cases.

“They perform prayers day and night, accusing others of being undemocratic, non unionists, non peace lovers, and yet they trade with the national issues to mention but a few. Could the NCP bring peace alone as claimed by Mustafa”, he wondered.

Alluding to the National Military Salvation Council (Ingaz) and the then eloquent mouthpiece, Yunis Mohamoud in 1990s, Atem revealed that the NCP were not at all for peace as they had been vowing “we will humble the SPLM and dictate our terms on them”, but when they failed to vanquish the SPLA/M, the NCP swallowed their pride and sat with equal partner. So the claim put forward by Mustafa that the NCP championed and brought the NCP alone, is not only misleading, but myopic.

Defending the recent statements of the SPLM Secretary General, Pagan Amum, which prompted Mustafa’s disproportionate counter rebuttals, Atem reiterated that Pagan had stated clearly beyond the shadow of doubt that “if we fail to decode the Abyie’s stalemate, we will resort to other options, such as calling for US, or Egypt, or IGAD to intervene in settlement of the Abyie impasse.

“If the NCP continue the belligerent spirit and humiliation of others, I will remain pessimistic towards settlement of the Abyie issue, Atem warned.

He added that the totalitarian regimes are always in panic, indicating that the NCP constantly presumes other political parties conspire against them in darkness as they.

Atem noted that the presence of Commanders Abdul Aziz Al Hilou and Yasser Arman in US may bother the NCP, but he added that the institutions in US could listen to anybody, including the NCP!

He warned that the remarks made by Mustafa that the credit of the CPA achievement goes solely to his party, insinuate that the NCP are the ones in control and dead set to implement it as per their wishes and framed schedules!!

Atem noted that the elections law would be ratified, but reiterated that the SPLM were for the elections as scheduled, pointing out that “if the elections were not held on time in the North, we would conduct it in the South”.

He added that the SPLM were for the elections as far as other political parties are concerned, but noted that it could be understood from Mustafa’s hints that the NCP were not enthusiastic, or in hurry for the elections.  

About future coalitions, Atem emphasised that it was not yet determined, but indicated that if Mustafa’s remarks were aired just one month before the elections, the SPLM could not forge a coalition with the NCP, simply because Mustafa labeled the SPLM as brokers and the NCP appeared as the ones who own Darfour, while others standby as brokers, waiting for a proper chance to step in.

However, he noted that if the NCP offer an apology and state clearly that the views uttered by Mustafa do not represent the NCP position and that they were firm on the current partnership then things could be sorted out.

About relations with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), Atem said that the SPLM relations with the NDA were in place based on transition to democracy, stating that “nothing would change our relations with the NDA”.

He admitted that the SPLM MPs in the National Assembly differed over dropping the membership of Yasser Arman, adding that “it is natural to have different views over some issues in one institution”.

Atem revealed that the blunder was actually committed by the National Assembly Speaker, who was not transparent about the law. “Simply, you cannot drop membership of an MP before the session ends as the law runs”.

Asked about whether the SPLM are optimistic about unity, Atem said “Mustafa had made it clear as he stated that the unity was not worth it as he doubted the call and motive of the SPLM for the attractive unity”.  

“As a majority in the Government of South Sudan, the SPLM has already linked the North – South with roads, while the Government of National Unity is yet to deliver in this respect”, Atem remarked.

About US$2billion received by the GoSS, he enquired, US$2billion was deducted from which amount! The Ingaz government had been spending oil funds alone from 1998 until 2005. What have they done in the South, where are the funds?

Atem said that the funds given to the GoSS were used for services, adding that Juba city was an Army garrison and base of the NCP government when the GoSS was set up. Could they tell us how the funds were spent then?!

“Talking so much about the GoSS corruption is a defensive psychological warfare and preventive measure to distract public opinion so that the Sudanese people do not ask about the oil money”, he retorted.

Atem said, “Yet still we doubt about the oil revenues. I approached Dr Awadh Al Jaz, Minister of Energy, about my doubts”, adding that US$2billion was allocated for the basic services and development in the South, which began from the scratch.       

He noted that the recent reshuffle in the GoSS was a routine procedure as it took place in the GoNU and other state governments across the country, warning that there were those who seek to fish in the dirty waters.  



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