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SPLM Northern Sector .. Endless wrangling By: Helen Andrew
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Jan 4, 2009 - 9:45:55 PM

SPLM Northern Sector .. Endless wrangling

By: Helen Andrew

Several months ago the disputes within the SPLM Northern Sector emerged and its sparks scattered from one State to another from Darfur to Khartoum, Gedaref, Kassala, Red Sea and Northern States.
It extended even towards the South and in particular in Lakes and Jonglei States after the dissolution of its Council.

Since the start of current December, the conflicts and differences expanded within the SPLM Northern Sector in Red Sea State reaching to exchange of throwing blazing balls from one side to another and complaints and counter-complaints. SPLM which entered the political arena after the signature of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in the year 2005 with promises that the marginalized will have better lives and the movement will protect the oppressed.

The manifesto of the SPLM which is read in all the occasions was not met, but instead the SPLM and its leaders went into tribal nepotism and other disputes over the domination of one category by another in the power and wealth distribution.

The corruption moved from Southern Sudan to the SPLM Northern Sector so most of the complaints of the memberships are over corruption and the selective methods in appointment even in bureau memberships.
Commander Yassir Arman, who is the SPLM Northern Sector Chairman was accused by most of the members as siding with the communist elements in the movement in northern Sudan without any consideration to other categories.

There are several documents of exchanging complaints between the members and the SPLM Northern Sector in most of Northern Sudan States.
To find an answer to the question that poses itself about where is the defect that led to the differences to the extent of closing Gedaref office? For instance, cases have been presented before the courts by the SPLM members against their leaders. SPLM leadership should take the necessary steps to bring about control in its Northern Sector if it is serious in achieving the aspiration of the marginalized people its vision.


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