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SPLM Dubious Arming Race By:james Mathew
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Dec 21, 2008 - 6:55:47 PM

SPLM Dubious Arming Race

By:james Mathew


The landing of the Ethiopian aircraft loaded with weapons in Juba airport, and its unloading its shipment, SPLM claims that the said weapons were brought only for show in an exhibition in Juba, a claim which is unjustifiable, Since when is Ethiopia known as arms manufacturing state?

Another dubious action SPLM has taken and that is opening the door wide before a Ugandan telecommunication company to provide mobile telephone services in the South which means that northern Sudan people can not contact the South without entering southern Sudan code. That means implementation of the closed areas with another face.

The initiative agreement between GoSS and Kenyan government to establish a railway from Southern Sudan up to Mombassa altogether with a highway linking southern Sudan with Uganda and Kenya means a trend to activate the commercial work with the said countries at the time when the trade with the north declined due to the GoSS tough regulations to the extent that several northerners were forced to depart southern Sudan after the confiscation and looting their belongings.

The SPLM liaison offices were opened in more than 40 countries issuing entry visas without the knowledge of the Sudanese authorities and those who obtain visas from the Sudanese embassies in the said countries are not allowed to enter southern Sudan because they do not obtain the SPLM stamp on their passports.

What does that mean? It means that the SPLM is speeding up the steps towards separation and its leaders are lying when they say that they support the unity option.

If they really support unity they shouldn't have brought the heavy tanks and anti-aircraft weapons for the SPLA on the account of the development projects in the region.

If they really want unity they should build bridges of confidence not harming the northerner merchants and giving all the incentives to foreigners.
There is no even one indicator that the SPLM is supporting unity if we read what its going in the southern Sudan arena.

SPLM should wait till the referendum and then do whatever it want if the separation became the southern Sudanese option.


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