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SPLM 2nd National Convention should be a priority for SPLM By Matur Rokbeny,-Kauda
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May 27, 2006 - 5:30:00 AM

SPLM 2nd National Convention should be a priority for SPLM

By Matur Rokbeny,



After the last two decrees issued by H.E Lt. General Sava Kiir Mayardit, Chairman of SPLM/A  to form two bodies for SPLM one is the SPLM interim political Bureau and the other for the executive Bureau , one was expecting to hear the announcement of the date and place of the 2nd national convention which is much needed at this time because of many tasks facing the movement in this period .

The final communiqué of SPLM of the IBP first meeting with an outcome to reaffirm the national vocation of SPLM and its commitment to continue the struggle through democratic means to achieve New Sudan vision . However the SPLM expressed its dismay of NCP’s actions which were meant by NCP  to embarrass SPLM as a partner in GONU . These actions threaten the peace signed in Naivasha. The calls for Jihad in Darfur , disseminating wrong propaganda to urge Sudanese to fight a  created war against peacekeepers who are coming to rescue the Darfur people from genocide and women raping.

All the mentioned couldn’t have been addressed if SPLM  meeting was not called at the right time  . There were responses to statements issued by NCP  individuals,  from SPLM  officials but those responses  considered as statements of individuals , but that meeting held last April in Rumbek has stated the SPLM full commitment to democratic transformantion , and  its stance for Darfur ,  eastern Sudan and SPLM position on many issues which are not related to CPA implementation .The formation of the two political bodies was vital to unite the position of SPLM  on different issues hinder CPA implementation . Because there wasn’t a body who is  responsible for the to respond , in the movement rather than any SPLM member in the government of National Unity , who is authorized , since the movement’s structures were dissolved as a result of peace agreement.

Regarding to the continuous vilations . There were many statements  from NCP officials which needed to be questioned clearly at that time by SPLM for example: remarks of Khartoum state governor, that Khartoum state is a northern state .And South Kordofan deputy governor visiting Abyei area were he spoke to people there that Abyei protocol is cancelled and  commissioner will be appointed  for Abyei , and lastly the actions  mentioned before  calling for Jihad in Darfur against the peacekeepers.

All the above make a necessity to form organs for the movement to react and state its opinion towards such arising issues. Now we have the two interim bodies , and what about the general election which is scheduled to take place in 22 months as came in the Secretary Genera’sl speech , comrade Pagan Amum , that the SPLM should prepare themselves for the elections . This was  whe he was attending the South Kordofan SPLM conference which took place in Kauda .

 What shall the SPLM do for that event, where we as SPLM  party which  would be competing with other parties on ground .

I think it is advisable for us as SPLM members and leadership  to prepare ourselves for that event  through organizing conferences in New Sudan and other areas of Sudan . The organization has started with the formation of the Interim Political Bureau and the Executive Political Bureau and  it should continue . South Kordofan has started it conference and unfortunately I did not hear from other New Sudan regions organizing their own conferences neither other parts of Sudan. The conferences  will lead to the 2nd national convention as was done in 1994 in Chukudum .

 The SPLM 2nd national convention should be a priority for SPLM  in this period , because Sudanese people have laid high expectations on SPLM  vision  of diversity and pluralism so let us not let down our people . All SPLM  members and the leadership have vowed to follow the footsteps of our late leader Dr. Garang Mabior. And I can remember that madam Rebecca said to Sudanese people not to riot and weep because  Dr.Garang is alive in us  and through his vision of  New , all of us  are Garang if we share him his vision, which was welcomed by six million people on the 8th of July 2005 in the green square in Khartoum .


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