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SLA moves towards Israel by Omar Al Bushra
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Aug 12, 2008 - 7:54:25 AM

SLA moves towards Israel

According to new reports and after SLM Leader Abdulwahid Nour, the leader of JEM is visiting USA these days and holding meetings with American officials and CIA personnel. Informed sources said that the visit is upon an invitation from US State Administration.

We here will like to ask about the double standards of the American stance which leads the war against terrorism and at the same time receiving those rebels who conducted the sabotage attempts over Omdurman killing, terrorism and frightening of the innocent civilians in the capital two months ago.
What are the objectives and the notion of the US Special Envoy to Sudan's visit if US government is proving that it is against all peace steps being taken in Sudan while at the same time it is contradict that?
Receiving Darfur rebels doesn't it mean that USA is blessing their activity to lengthen the conflict. What is strange is that the GoNU knows all that, so how come its intelligence is overestimated and welcomes the US Special Envoy at a time it fully aware that America is not serious in normalization of relations which she speaks about every now and then.
Does the GoNU think that receiving of the US Special Envoy will make US participate in resolving any of Sudan's problems?
Didn't the practice prove that America is the one leading any escalation against Sudan?

When will our government and its Foreign Affairs Ministry regain consciousness and recognize that what they are doing by receiving the US Special Envoy means acceptance to the American fallacious and corrupt role in the area?

When will the GoNU put an end to all this? Isn't it appropriate for the GoNU to say NO. Enough is enough even for a single time to this US Special Envoy?



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