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Removing the remains of war /Zakieldeen Abd Allah
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Aug 15, 2008 - 6:04:18 PM

Removing the remains of war

The National Apparatus of Eliminating Landmines celebrated two days ago the de-mining of Unity Project (1&2) for Kadugli/Um Daruba and Kadugli/Talodi roads which are 203 kilometers in length and 40 meters in width in the attendance of   Minister of Health and other concerned government officials.

In Southern Sudan de-mining is taking place all over the region and hundreds of kilometers were cleared of mines and handed over to the citizens to utilize them.

Few months ago UN peacekeepers destroyed 6,186 landmines in an area 35 kilometers northwest of Juba, marking Sudan's compliance with the 1997 Ottawa Convention on Antipersonnel Landmine Stockpile Destruction.

UN engineers and demining experts from the Bangladeshi Demining Company, part of the Bangladeshi contingent of the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), used some 13 tonnes of TNT and plastic explosives to destroy the mines.

Citizens played a big role in clearing the lands from mines for the benefit of the nation.

The action represented a big push forward in implementation of the CPA and that the removal of mines means ensuring health, education and stable development to the people anywhere in the post-conflict areas.

 Clearing the lands from mines will pave the way for Railways Corporation to rehabilitate its existing infrastructure and start new extensions to its lines to reach all Sudanese areas and territories for the welfare of the people as it is considered the cheapest means of transport.


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