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Relationship Between Economic Mismanagement & Social Instability by Eng. Tarig M.M.K. Anter
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Nov 26, 2006 - 11:22:00 AM

Relationship Between

Economic Mismanagement & Social Instability


The performance of any economy is the main factor that influences total social stability. At the level of individuals, as well as for enterprises & states, the relationship between competence and economic participation or output is determined by political, ethnic & administrative policies. When economic output falls  while there is actual gain in experience then this will be translated into resentment & any form of protest against these policies &  states. (as the case with many famous rebels, outlaws & rich terrorists)

Badly managed economies (or underdeveloped), as shown in Output Curve 2 below, are characterized by the following:

1. Low level of maximum output due to strong reliance on inexperienced work force.

2. Higher percentage of resentment, and consequently higher social instability.

3. Low over all productivity ( total area under the curve, it is short & shifted to the left).

























  1. Output Curve 1 production pattern in successfully managed economies.
  2. Output Curve 2 production pattern in badly managed economies.
  3. The X-axis Time of involvement of individuals & enterprises, in a career.
  4. The Y-axis Relative output or income of individuals & enterprises.
  5. Competence & Knowledge Gain Curve Normal learning development.
  6. Resentment The dissatisfaction due to fall in income & opportunities.

The main features of bad management of an economy are:

1. Ethnic & personal favoritism.                               2. weak sense of responsibility.

3. Appointment of incompetents.                            4. Disregard to specialization.

5. Weak monitoring system.                                    6. Professional disorganization.

7. Ineffective justice institutions.


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