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Ref : Assessment Workshop of Darfur Peace Agreement / Abuja/Al-Sadig Ali Hassan-R / Darfur Bar - Association
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May 29, 2006 - 7:33:00 AM



Ref : Assessment Workshop of

Darfur Peace Agreement / Abuja

( 30.05 01.06.2006




Darfur region has entered a new phase of its life, after the conclusion of Abuja peace agreement. In which efforts should be excreted and united for the people of the region to live in security and stability and  contribute for its development and to avoid racial discrimination and triblism with this goal in mind we Darfur bar Association in collaboration with the organization of Maan in serving humanity have decided to hold a workshop to enlighten the people of Darfur and Sudan about the legal, political and security aspects of this agreement papers wil be presented by experts and later be published with recommendations in a booklet and distributed to bodies of concern ( the government political movements organizations and the citizens ).



The Papers to be Presented :-


1.    Darfur Peace Agreement a legal view.

2.    Darfur Peace Agreement security arrangements

3.    Darfur Peace agreement Darfur / Darfur Dialogue.

4.    The role of NGOs after the conclusion of the agreement.

5.    The role of UN forces Darfur crisis as a model

6.    Legal Aid.

7.    The role played by the Media to over come the consequences.


Participants :-


1-   A group of Darfur net Bar

                   ( Geneina, Nyala, Al-fashir).

2-   Political Parties and organizations.

3-   Experts in fields relating to Darfur crisis.


We extend our invitation here to those who are concerned to participate in this workshop in order to come to a comprehensive recommendations which will help in solving the crisis.




Al-Sadig Ali Hassan

R / Darfur Bar - Association

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