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Rebecca Nyandeng's desperate ambitions shall fail! BY: Deng John, South Sudan
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Aug 19, 2008 - 8:39:28 AM

Rebecca Nyandeng's desperate ambitions shall fail!

BY: Deng John, South Sudan

AUGUST 19; It has become very clear recently that Rebecca Nyandeng, the widow of late John Garang, has very desperate and dangerous ambitious project that she wants to push through in the South. And that is how to get the top leadership for herself and the community she represents, the Bor community.

I remember some irresponsible statements she used to say in public rallies in Juba that "if you kill the lion, you will see what the lioness will do." This irresponsible statement from someone who claims to be the mother of SPLM/A or South Sudan for that matter makes one wonder who are the killers Nyandeng keep on warning them in the South Sudan capital? Who are the suspected killers of her husband and what does she want to do as a lioness?

Nyandeng should not agitate the people of South Sudan with defamatory allegations simply because she is a widow of our late leader John Garang. She should leave us alone supporting Salva Kiir, Riek Machar and James Wani.

She should also leave us alone remembering and respecting our late leader John Garang while keeping the African culture of not digging deep into what the dead person did badly, but only into what he did correctly. This doesn't mean that late Garang did not commit a lot of mistakes and even bad things that I don't want to mention here, but we should be left alone by Nyandeng by not bringing back some bad memories through her pretense and defamatory agitations!

It is not a very big deal or a new thing to accuse a leader publicly even on false and fabricated stories like the corruption cases against the Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar because even Jesus Christ, sinless as he was, also was allegedly accused by some irresponsible Jewish leaders of many things he did not do.

May be this is why Nyandeng quickly denied the accusation because she could never get any single evidence as the Anti-Corruption Commission and Southern Sudan parliament's records tell the contrary to the Vice President's records.

But we should be careful about the intentions of Nyandeng as she allegedly mobilizes her Bor community to regain their leadership which they lost when Garang died in the plane accident. Her failure to remove Dr. Machar in the 2nd SPLM Convention drives her to do the unthinkable to this respected leader.

Nyandeng was also alleged to have plans to shoot two birds with one stone; convince Salva Kiir to remove Riek Machar and then her group would finally remove Salva Kiir either in that failed SPLM national convention or using a 'vote of no confidence' in the parliament. She is not happy now that she failed in her group's tactics!

But is this how the SPLM leaders should behave at this crucial period during which unity of the party and of the people of Southern Sudan is badly needed? Are these ill-intentions from a person who claims to be the mother of the nation?

Deng John, South Sudan

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