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Re to a Professor: Anne Bartlett Darfur is True By- Taha Zein
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Jun 23, 2008 - 8:22:14 AM

Re to a Professor: Anne Bartlett Darfur is True

By- Taha  Zein


          Yes Ann it the truth not fiction. The fiction is existed in Sudan dominators mined, who ruled Sudan for more than 50 years of ruling.    And it is the fact that you mentioned in pervious article, about the Sudan history problem.  I think; the problem is    accumulation of many facts including the remain of the Britain colonization.

         So it most be clear for those who trying to hold the stick from one    end or anther, and those who acting like Un ostrich when it get into a treble. That our problem is not in Darfurian activist .The problem is the mentality of those who ruled Sudan for many years. And When the time for change  is due they donít want to accept this fact   , and it is the time  to believe in change , and in  fact that many followers  of the  three main inherited parties are now aware of their  problem more than ever before ,  so   they demanding for their right and  equal distribution of the wealth and the equal representing of rule     in the central government   .

        The 10th of May Attacked over Khartoum by JEM, reflect clear massage for the darfurian in general and particular to those whom still believe in the so called Democratic parties. And I think it the time for them to stop swearing in the name of their masters, if they really believe in change. and they must  learn from   the unique allege between the (tribal   Hunters ) , and how they agree and we never seen them agree before like this time , their   agreement  was in how to get    ways  to grip the hold and how to punish the attackers   relative in Khartoum .

      The worst moment was completely clear in Ommís Leaders speech and how he advice the government to not have mercy in dealing with the event.  yes as in the history he has greet experience when he attacked Khartoum in 1976 and field to over thrown the government ,     then he sign agreement with Nomirey and the reword of his flowers was random executions   , killing   among many innocent darfurain and   black in Khartoum (after  name them MURTAZGA / Mercenaries )   . As these days after the successful operation of 10th of May by JEM Movement,) the same as today there is a series of random executions in various districts of the capital against all those suspected by security forces after the storming of Omdurman and the outcome is arresting and killing of many black races or any one having western look or accent, for no reason only because they are darfurian or they donít having the Nile people shape.


      It evoking black and sad days for Marginalized people in the capital and the   history is back again, so we have  to understand that  we have been engaged in fitting the Southrain Sudan in the name of Protecting Islam , and now as the Darfurain are hundred percent   Muslim   there new voice of addressing those who out of their range non dafuiran nor Nile inhabitants ,   they calling them to fight the Mercenaries in the name of unity of the Sudan .

     The   Niles inhabitants    stile adapting the revenge behavior of Almahdiís fowlers when they splits   ALmahdia    into tow group (Awlad Elnile the river   Nile inhabitants   and Awlad Elghrip Westerns expressing their demonstration against Al-Khalifa Altaishi they fight him not because his from Taaisha Tribe but because of his westrain root .

    I am completely agreed with the idea that the main solution now is to send the main planners of the genocide in Darfur to criminal court, but how? this the question, among the huge contradicts in world politic policy maker , so we thank God there is little hope always shining   out of some human right activist and some penís and voiceís   and some humanitarians organization , , here   and there thanks for them all after God,   if we miss   them ,   The   situation   would be   worse then Rwanda .

    In   compare between the displace people in camps and what taking place these   days in   Khartoum we can expect they will face   wrest days than what they   come through   before , so I hope all fighting   groups   must butt in   their consideration ,   the displace people and they have to  come with   a bravery act as JEM or to protect the DSP camp. And to stop plying the rule of hid and sage game or Tom and Jerry.

    More over they have to   co-operate with those who willing to help   without hidden agenda , and help the DSP to   live as human, because the more they stay in camps   the more the government agenda will get   into realty and then the faction in their mined will be fact and what we believe   will be fiction   ,   then they will dear to say   Ann you are rung   !!


Taha Zein Ė Abusondo

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