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Ramadan the month of sacrifices by Fiasal Alnour
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Aug 31, 2008 - 8:40:27 AM

Ramadan the month of sacrifices

Fasting is but a trainer that drills a person to get rid of his usual habits helps him to regain control over his body and prepares him to face whatever problems and crises he may come across.

The spiritual benefit of Fasting is an obvious fact. A long time ago, humanity realized how Fasting caused the moral development of man's soul and his spiritual elevation. It also realized that Fasting neglected the material side and scorned it, which thing fostered the spiritual side in man.
He who considered Fasting as regulated by Islam will see that it is a sublime spiritual practice, that it is a preponderance to the soul in its struggle with the body, and that, through it, man can rid himself of the habits he has been subjected to in the course of time, such habits as eating at a certain time, smoking and merry-making, habits to which man, we may say, has become a slave and of whose control he cannot be set free.
One of the great benefits of Fasting is that it cultivates, in a human being, the merit of self-control. Fasting is devotional in Ramadan, and bathing is allowed or sometimes compulsory. In many cases a Muslim gets extremely thirsty during a day in Ramadan, then he throws himself in the water to bathe, being covered with water from head to foot, while he is badly in need of a glass of  water to quench his thirst. But yet, he does not do it though nobody watches him and nobody will ever know what he has done. This merit is a kind of  sublime education instilled in a Muslim by Islam so that he may be upright in life, not for fear of the law as many people are able to escape it, nor for fear of  the people as very often does a criminal escape the watchful eyes of the people, but because he is afraid of himself, of his conscience and, above all, of God Who: "Knows of (the tricks) that deceive with the eyes, and all that the hearts of men conceal) and From: Whom nothing is hidden on the earth or in the heavens).
Welcome Ramadan.



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