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Feb 15, 2007 - 8:28:54 PM

 By;Mabior Mayom Mayom
The alleged Rift Valley fever have hits  Kakuma Refugees Camp in Turkana District in the Northern part of Kenya where 80,000 Sudanese refugees habited.
   The disease had left more than 50 refugees dead and many people admitted to the Refugees hospital in the camp that is under the care of International Rescue Committee (IRC) according to the reliable source from the camp.
   The disease affected the camp as normal malaria since December last year,after the scientist have reported the global changes of the climate which had causes diseases and tsaumi worldwide.
     Kakuma is one of the largest camp in East Africa that have been habited by Ethiopians,Somali,Congolese and Sudanese who are the majority due the harsh hot weather and diseases that have affected the Camp it have compel hundred of Sudanese refugees to seeks their way back home under  the voluntarily repatriation that is undertaken by United Nation High Commission For Refugee (UNHCR).
    Due to overpopulation it had let the disease to persist for so long in the area ,International Rescue Committee (IRC)is doing more to sustain the health of the refugees but getting out of control due to limited facilities to the huge population of the refugees.
        The outbreak of the disease had made it hard for the healthworkers had found it hard to handle the situation of which three patiences share the same bed in the hospital and others got their medication on the floor without bed in the hospital.
   Last month the community health workers in the camp a meeting on how the can tackle the horrible disease which had threaten the refugees but solution was invain due to the poor medication in the camp.
   Kenya ministry of health had announce prohibition of meat consuming in the country but the refugees are insisting in eating marriages feasible which are normally initiated by slaughtering of bulls hence to the persisting of the disease in the area.
     Following the deadly disease which had claimed more lives but came in an insecurity in the area caused unknown bandit from Turkana residence which had wounded one Sudanese refugee by the name Arol  and compel to registered for a voluntarily repatriation according to the source from the camp.

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