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Public Opinion No Longer Concerned About the Sudanese-American Relations by Yassir Madani
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Jun 21, 2008 - 9:24:34 AM


Public Opinion No Longer Concerned About the Sudanese-American Relations

According to press reports, Washington has offered to normalize relations with Sudan, making that offer conditional on Sudan's meeting of three requirements. These included resolving of the Darfur issue, conduction of the general elections and facilitating deployment of the hybrid operation in Darfur.

These requirements as spelt out by Washington arouse amazement as far as Sudan's current position is concerned.

The American Administration well knows that Sudan is doing all it can to reach peace in Darfur.

In fact Sudan's position on the issue has been praised by the International Community. US should therefore clearly identify the parties hampering peace in Darfur instead of putting the whole responsibility on the shoulders of the Sudanese government. Why US has refrained from holding rebels responsible for the security violations in the region leads us to believe that US deliberately avoided calling 'a spade a spade'.

As for America's demand for Sudan's conduction of elections and its non-objection to the deployment of hybrid forces, in addition to Sudan's release of the American shipment of containers, such demands are funny. They portray US as seeking far-fetched reasons to justify its normalization of relations with Sudan.

Indeed, we have had enough of US announcements on normalization of relations with Sudan. Every time these promises were made, America would take contradictory positions. As a result, the Sudanese people have turned their backs on US after it has lost credibility.

At the same time experience has shown that Sudan is able to do well even if US has continued its embargo. As such, US talk about normalizing its relations is no longer met with public opinion concern. Sudan will not seek to become US ally. Rather, America should abandon its position on Sudan if it is eager to improve relations with it.


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