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President Bush should assign Bin Laden and terrorists to investigate the 9, 11th By Sabrino Majok Majok
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Sep 24, 2006 - 10:55:00 PM

If Sudan’s al-Bashir wants SAF and Janjaweed to keep peace in Darfur, President Bush should assign Bin Laden and terrorists to investigate the 9, 11th attacks


By Sabrino Majok Majok


A painstaking political showdown between Al-Bashir and international community on UN peacekeepers in war wracked Darfur has once again revealed al-Bashir’s inner self and agenda in the Sudan. Despite plethora voices against Khartoum’s opposition to allow blue-helmeted troops, al-Bashir has proven with unequivocal term that he is adamant and inflexible to heed to calls from various quarters, including AU, Sudanese political forces, and UN.


In fact, all NIF members, be they northerners, westerners, easterners, or southerners, are in agreement that people of Darfur do not deserve to live, and so they must be killed or starved to death. From al-Bashir, Ustaz Ali Osman, Dr. Mustafa Ismail, Dr. Riek Gai, Dr. Lam Akol, to the last person in the party, erroneously believe that God has given them powers to exterminate or forcibly uproot every citizen whose views differ with theirs.


Khartoum’s opposition to UN resolution 1706 (2006) intensified days leading to Non-Alliance Movement (NAM) summit in Havana, Cuba, September 11—16, where the fundamentalists sham offensive kicked off by sending their top diplomat to Washington in their disingenuous attempt to convince White house to look other way while killings continue unabated in Darfur. The war has already claimed more than one-half million lives and 2.5 million others forcibly uprooted from their rightful homes and towns, according recent estimates.


Indeed, al-Bashir and cohorts’ “peace” agenda to resolve crisis in Darfur is to send a combined SAF and Janjaweed militia not less than 10 thousand well equip and fed armed men. SAF-Janjaweed two main assignments are to “wipe out” all freedom fighters who didn’t sign onto DPA, and secondly, to kill or uproot civil population that do not support al-Bashir’s genocidal war.


Of course this devilish plan hasn’t engendered support from peace-loving Sudanese, AU, and democratic governments worldwide for obvious reason. Because it is impossible for perpetrators to justly resolve a crisis which was created by them in the first place.


If SAF and Janjaweed militia are allowed as peacekeepers in Western Sudan by world’s democracies then Americans should advice President Bush to appoint Bin Ladin his chief investigator to hunt all terrorists in the world and bring them to justice to answer charges on September 11th attacks. Otherwise, al-Bashir must be confronted forthwith.


For one thing, he is a stonehearted and genocidaire president. For example, when he was accorded a rare opportunity to interact with world’s leaders in New York, he squandered his only chance to repent and accept what was required from him: to accept UN peacekeepers in Darfur to protect civilians. Instead, he parroted weird and terrorists-like scrip crafted by his educated, bloodthirsty colleagues. In an invisible veil, he clumsily charged, “The picture that volunteer organizations try to give in order
to solicit more assistance and more aid, have given a negative
result,”; “We refuse to normalize with Israel, we refuse to deal with


This is a man who imposes himself on Sudanese people and demands respect in return for nothing.


Fortunately, CPA and DPA have brought rare opportunities for the marginalized majority to redress economic imbalance, injustice and forestall further crisis in Sudan.


So far, Sudanese people classify President al-Bashir as a notorious dictator and first class enemy of Land, for he has killed incalculable number of people and has indiscriminately bombed many regions in the Sudan; for example: South, East, West, Nuba Mountains, and Ingessana Hills.


No sane, civilize and goodhearted president would dare killings votes wielding citizens. But al-Bashir is a wild, blood sucking devil who wants to rule sudden through bombings, genocide, and displacement.


Now that his actions, intentions, behaviours, and true identity are known by all, it’s just a matter of time before Sudanese kiss goodbyes to him and his NIF party.


In replacement, Sudanese are going to endorse—through democratic, fair elections in 2008—people-friendly political party that won’t drop bombs on innocent people, but will respect freedom of expression and association; exercise rule of law; protect journalists so that others won’t face a similar fate as Ustaz Mohammed Taha Mohammed Ahmed (editor-in-chief of al-Wifaq daily) who was brutally beheaded for expressing his opinions.


Of course, the new party will govern according to new laws and policies for all citizens of the New Sudan that will effectively deny terrorist safe haven and financial supports, among others.


Yes, the New Sudan government will transform the old Sudan into a peaceful, prosperous country in Africa, if not in the whole world. And Sudan “will never be the same again.”


Where are you, beautiful 2008?  

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