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President Al Bashir visit to Darfur and Ocampo claims by Omar Khalid
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Aug 8, 2008 - 8:28:05 AM

President Al Bashir visit to Darfur and Ocampo claims


The timing of the current visit of President of the Republic to the three Darfur States comes as a practical response to ICC allegation which based its case to issue an arrest warrant for Al-Bashir on the Sudanese regime's subjecting specific Darfurian tribes to genocide namely Fur, Zaghawa, and Masalit.
The mass rally addressed by Al-Bashir in Al-Fashir yesterday and the documented support he found from Zaghawa, Fur, and other Darfur tribes affirms undoubtedly that Ocampo's allegations were baseless because tribes of Fur, Zaghawa, Masalit, Daju, Tunjur, Berti, Bani Halba, Tama, Medub, Bornu, Turjum, Habbania, Rizeigat, Maalia, Taiasha and others declared its support to the President of the Republic and rejected Ocampo's allegations. These tribes affirmed that Ocampo's allegations are far away from the truth because they are living together as one people with same destiny.
The said tribes further declared their unwavering support to Al-Bashir affirming that Sudan will never turn to another Iraq or another Afghanistan.
Al-Bashir's visit apart from being a practical response to Ocampo's false assessment is considered the real and serious start to achieve peace in Sudan in general and Darfur in particular. It is a practical launching to Sudan's people initiation to unify the national ranks to resolve the Darfur crisis.
In an attempt to spoil the visit and its outcomes the alleged Darfurian leader in Europe distributed statements to every citizen in Darfur to boycott the visit and all the accompanying programmes but their attempt was responded with defiant rejection demonstrated by their overwhelming turnout to receive the President on arrival. The Darfurian people cannot be deceived as of whom is their true protector at this present time. They know very well who is looking after their interests and because of that they scrambled to listen to the nation's leader and declare their support to him openly.
The people of Al-Fashir who gathered in big numbers to declare their support to the President disappointed those alleged leaders staying in the five stars hotels in the western countries and detected their falsehood.
It is time for all those alleged Darfuri leaders staying in Europe to return to reason and resort to negotiation table to end the suffering of the Darfur people and bring peace for them



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