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Preparing the scene for fair elections by Omar Al Bushra
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Oct 22, 2008 - 4:54:32 PM

Preparing the scene for fair elections

In his speech before the opening sitting of the 7th and last round of the National Assembly, President Al-Bashir stressed that the elections would take place as scheduled in accordance with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.
He acknowledged that there are technical requirements including census results, demarcation, security arrangements but he affirmed that they are working out to finish with those requirements within the coming weeks calling for the National Assembly to speed up endorsing the Partiesí Council which has been tabled before the parliament.

Al-Bashir also affirmed that there are wide political consultations to form the Elections Commission and they will present the list before the parliament in the coming weeks.

Some political parties represented in the National Legislative Assembly stated that it will submit alternative draft laws if the government delays in tabling it before the parliament.

These parties have the right to submit whatever draft laws to the parliament as the Parliament Speaker confirmed that the parliament is ready to approve any law to be submitted to it during the current session.
The question that poses itself in this regard is do those forces have any studied draft bills? Or is it just political maneuvering and adopting stances against the government for nothing.

The issue in short is concerning completing the preparations and paving the way for the general elections as scheduled and as the President confirmed, in his speech, the governmentís keenness to conduct the elections in a healthy environment with regional and international  presence.
We are sure that endorsing the pending bills before the elections date will represent one of the most important factors of that healthy environment which the President spoke about.

It is better for the political and civil powers to conduct wide consultations over the issue, and as they have agreed upon the interim constitution and the political partiesí law, they can also reach an agreement on the articles of the legislations that pave the way for the elections.

There is still time for these wide consultations.



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