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Peaceful Conflict Resolution & the War on Terror The cases of Sudan and Iraq by Tarig M. M. K. Anter
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Dec 14, 2006 - 9:55:00 AM

Peaceful Conflict Resolution & the War on Terror
The cases of Sudan and Iraq
It is common to summarize that in any conflict there are apparently three parties involved. These are: 1- Aggressors; 2- victims and 3- The community_ local, national or international depending on the scale of the conflict. But there is always a fourth hidden party to any conflict; that is the defense, security and military industries. Each one of these parties is responsible for resolving conflicts peacefully and avoids insurgence of terrorism. No progress can be made without involving all these four parties in any solution.
Aggressors may commit their offences by: 1- Without the use of force; like in many businesses; 2- With the use of legal force; or 3- With the use of illegal force.
Also, victims may defend themselves by: 1- The use of peaceful means; either by flight or endurance; 2- The use of legal force; or 3- The use of illegal violence.
With regard to the communities involved they may be either: 1- Passivist sitting on the fence; 2- Encourage or protect the victims; or 3- Encourage or protect the aggressors.
To deal with conflicts and terrorism it is essential to understand the historic background to the conflict in hand and to define terrorism clearly to be able to take correct actions to stop them and also to know the ways to prevent them in the future by establishing a lasting just peace.
Firstly, it is important to differentiate between "Force", "Violence" and "Terrorism". "Violence" is the unlawful use of force. On the other hand, "Terrorism" is any act which causes extreme fear by: 1- the use, 2- the threat of use and ill intentioned or illegal effective support of any form of excessive force, very violent action or extremely offensive opinions.
Forced Arabization and Islamization of non- Arab countries like Iraq; Lebanon; North African states; Sudan and Somalia, and also in central Asia, are the root causes of radicalization in these regions. Fighting the "infidel" West and Israel is the easiest tactics to avoid socio-economic justice in these countries. Western defense, security and military industries are very profitable and influential businesses there and have endless markets both in the West and also with Arab regimes in Arab and in non-Arab states.
The Causes and Levels of Conflicts
There are several forms of power and authority which control and influence the wellbeing of individuals, communities and states. These forms include:
  1. The legislative & political authority;             2. The executive & administrative authority;
  1. The ownership & capital authority;  4. The judiciary & moral authority;
  1. The trades & labor authority;                        6. The intellectual & cultural authority;
  1. The ethnic & social authority;                       8. The forces & intelligence authority; and
  1. The information & media authority.
If any of these authorities commits gross violations at the local, national or international levels then the victims will certainly try to defend themselves either by peaceful, legal force or by illegal violence or terrorism at a level, depending on the scale of damages to them. To avoid violence all authorities must remain at continuous checks both from within and from outside.
Conflicts, and also terrorism, can not be resolved without sincere dialogue, pressures and limited force if very necessary; because the ultimate goal is to achieve understanding and lasting peace not at all to win a battle.
If a state takes many of its own people as hostages, as with Sudan; or others maintain unfair order to impoverish other nations and accumulate excessive wealth and powers, as with rich countries, these are clear manifestations of a very long institutional failures and the need for deep solutions. Protecting lives is the highest responsibility of mankind, but peace must not be sacrificed easily. There is no other way than to:
  1. Find peaceful means to protect the victims of bad policies.
  2. Negotiate  policies basic changes; and
  3. Reform the national & international institutions.
But if saving lives continued to fail then the use of legal forceful precise actions is a must.
Mr. Tarig Mohamed M. K. Anter                             Khartoum,
24 September 2006
The Swindles of Modern Liberal Democracy
Modern Liberal Democracy is truly the biggest fraud in modern times. Examining the fundamental principles of modern Liberal Democracy can easily prove that they are false.
 The principles of modern Liberal Democracy are known as follow:
The Component
Modern Liberal Democracy
As a political system
Modern Liberal Democracy
as an ideology
Separation of Powers
Radical Pluralism
Direct Free Universal Suffrage
Liberal Individualism
The Rule of Law
International Capitalism
Free Civic Institutions
Global Modernization
Culture of civil Liberties &Rights
Atheist Secularism
Popular Sovereignty & Elections
Majority Rule
Partisan Exclusion
Aggressive Expansionism
 All these claims are fake, deceptive and abusive. Modern Liberal Democracy was created only to destroy traditional national sovereignty and aristocracy everywhere.
History also shows that M.L.D. is just an international capitalist global enterprise which began earlier but became open at around two hundred and fifty years ago i.e.1750 A.D.
The first steps of creating modern Liberal Democracy were:
            1-Piracy and mega-companies                  
            2-Trans-Atlantic slavery
            3-Mercantilism and merchant navy            
            4-Colonization of the Americas & Africa.
            5-International Capitalism & Individualism   
            6-Immorality, atheism & heresies.
            7-Liberalism & Anti-traditionalism.              
            8-Violence, demagoguery & anti-nationalism.
            9-The massacres of aristocracies, monarchs, nobility, nationalists & clergies in the name of
                revolutions and the people.
     And finally  10- Liberal-Democracy, Individualism, Socialism, Materialism & Communism.
The way to Freedom, Fairness and Faith, (F.F.F.), is through:
1-     Anti-Democracy; Anti-Capitalism and Anti-Individualism;
2-     Anti-totalitarianism; Anti-Communism and Anti-Materialism;     and
3-     Anti-Radicalism; Anti-Liberalism and Anti-Globalism.
Modernization is not Development, at all, but the right path is the Moderate Path, which is Conservative Professional Nationalism, C. P. N.  i.e.:
1-     Conservatism; Moderation and Nobility;
2-     Professionalism; Love and Morality;     and
3-     Nationalism; Cooperation; Humanism.

Conservative Professional Nationalism, C. P. N.

The Alternative for Radical Partisan Democracy

C.P.N. promises to be the moderate path and the real system of good governance. The ideology of Conservative Professional Nationalism, C. P. N., is based on the following components:
1-Political:…………..Evolutionary Conservatism.
Vs        Radical Pluralism                      &         Authoritarian Hegemony.
            2-Social:……………..Civic Cooperation.
                                    Vs.       Liberal Individualism                 &         Totalitarian Communism
            3-Economic:…………Intelligent Morality.
                                    Vs.       International Capitalism &         State Socialism.
            4-Cultural:…………...Moderate Traditionalism.
                                    Vs.       Global Modernization               &         Reactionary Customs.
            5-Religious:………….Free Fraternity.
                                    Vs.       Atheist Secularism                    &         Religious Extremism.
            6-Administrative:……Autonomous Meritocracy
                                    Vs.       Majority Rule                           &         Minority Rule.
            7-Ethnic:……………..Indigenous Integration
                                    Vs.       Aggressive Expansionism          &         Xenophobic Fascism.
The Fundamental Principles of  Conservative Professional Nationalism, C. P. N.                       
The Component
Conservative Professional Nationalism, C. P. N.
As a political system
Conservative Professional Nationalism, C. P. N.
As an ideology
The Control of Powers
Evolutionary Conservatism
Qualified Free Estate Suffrage
Civic Corporatism
The Rule of Love
Intelligent Morality
Effective Civic Institutions
Moderate Traditionalism
Culture of National Freedom
Free Fraternity
National Sovereignty
Autonomous Meritocracy
Corporate Participation
Indigenous Integration
The English “Revolution”, civil war or disorder of 1640, the executions of people and monarchs all over Europe and the English Bill of Rights of 1689were the beginning of the international capitalist conspiracy of modern Liberal Democracy.
The ideas of F.A. Voltaire (1694-1778)-about personal freedom and civil liberties; C.L.Montesquieu (1689-1775)-about Separation of Powers and equality before the law-and also those of J.J.Rousseau (1712-1778)-about Popular Sovereignty and Majority Rule-were purposely invented, twisted and much inflated just to give an intellectual grounds for the criminal plot of Liberal Democracy. Unfortunately, these ideas became the foundation of the US Constitution of 1787; and also to the French Declaration of the Rights of Man in 1789. They were meant to create an international appeal, authority and springboards to Liberal Democracy
The cruelties of the English society in the 17-century; American Wars of Independence and the French so-called Revolution are few examples of the immorality of the perpetrators of modern Liberal Democracy. In all countries, modern Liberal Democracy is the outcome of a wicked capitalist marriage between foreign strangers and some venal and grasping bourgeois, the case of the sudden creation of Hitler by big foreign businesses to destroy Germany and Old Europe is a very clear example.                                                                          Tarig M. M. K. Anter
Criticism to the Global War Against International Terrorism, (G-WAIT)
“Terrorism” is defined as the use of illegitimate force or the threats of illegitimate force to obtain political, financial, economic or social or any other gains.
Normally the first suspects of any act of terrorism are fanatical groups, organisations or individuals.  But, other main perpetrators of terrorism are:
1-     The government of the land;
2-     Foreign rouge organisations;
And 3-  Organised criminal gangs or individuals.
All these four suspect groups must be monitored and investigated thoroughly.  No claim of responsibility must be taken as true or in its face value immediately.
The World of today is full of hatred and madness.  This is due to greed, cruelty and ignorance.  To stop this violence and counter-violence and to achieve peace and security are two different objectives.  But this is not always the best way to create and develop a civilised and stable life since the madness of violence originates from disregard to humanity and justice.
The solution to the problems of terrorism is not only by counter-terrorism in the form of:
1-     Military pre-emptive strikes; or by being tough,
2-     Intrusive intelligence methods; or by being careful,
Or 3-  Deceptive political negotiations; or by being clever.
The real answer to the problem is by improving and reforming the international world order and make it more:
1-     Honestly fair;
2-     Modestly prudent;
And 3-  Considerately compassionate.
Liberalism, Democracy, Communism and Globalism are all responsible for the present grave World Order.
The current Global War Against International Terrorism is actually a war against:
1-     Nationalists or pro-independence;
2-     Anti-Globalists or Anti-expansionists;
And 3- Anti-globalists or Anti-international capitalists.
In fact it is a war about land and economic resources.  It was never about religious, economic or political ideologies or clashes of cultures.
Historically, the use of illegitimate force and the threat of illegitimate force are not considered terrorism if they are committed by:
1-     Liberation groups or freedom fighters (e.g. independence struggles);
2-     Individuals and nations in self-defence (e.g. wars );
And 3- Legitimate international organisations (e.g. UN).
Normally, legitimate targets of violence include:
1-     Illegitimate governments and organisations;
2-     Occupying  forces and administrations;
And 3-  Any civilian and non-civilian colonists and unauthorised exploiters.
Illegitimate targets of violence includes:
1-   Any lawful political opposition groups or individuals;
2-   Any internationally or nationally approved forces and administrations
And 3-   All civilians in their homelands.
The Real Objectives and the Actual Components of the Current Global War Against International Terrorism (G-WAIT) are:
The real objectives of the Global War Against International Terrorism, (G-WAIT), are:
1-     Waging pre-emptive strikes against anti-Globalism and depicting it as a racist anti-Semitism.
2-     Imposition of a global order of Trans-national Capitalism, Liberalism, Democracy, Communism, Globalisation and Insecurity.
3-     Diverting the hostilities and animosities against Israel to hit the USA, Europe and other parts of the World.
4-     Presenting Liberal Democracy as the only viable choice for the threatened and confused states and peoples and as the end of history.
5-     Defilement of Nationalism, National Sovereignty, Nation-State and Independence.
6-     Inventing animosities and distrusts between Moslems, Jews and Christians, and Justify them as clashes of cultures.
7-     Justify regime-change and state-sponsored terrorism and mercenary activities by abusing the UN and international organisations.
8-     Attacking and destroying the links between the ideologies, hostile rich economies and militant groups whom are targeting Globalism.
9-     Providing financial, military and political support for Globalism to defend it and protect its global projects, like Liberal Democracy, Trans-national Capitalism, organised crime, immoralities and Communism.
G-WAIT is only another policy to involve the rest of the World in the conflict between Israel and the Arabs.  Nobody should give any support or take side with either side of this evil conflict.  Instead, the World should concentrate on the needs for human development and respect for fairness for international peace.
                                                                                    Tarig M. M. K. Anter

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