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Peace in Darfur, a priority by Hassan Ali
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Jul 26, 2008 - 8:51:44 AM

Peace in Darfur, a priority

It was a surprise that the so-called international community every now and then resort to escalation of the situation in Darfur rather than cooling it down. Yet the international community has no direct relations with the IDPs and refugees sufferings in Darfur.
While all peace loving people of the world are looking forward to seeing the UN and the G8 heading towards supporting peace efforts as an axial point, it is strange that instead they are going to the opposite direction insofar as the Darfur issue is concerned. The international community minus the countries like China and Russia which are talking about bringing quick and peaceful solution to Darfur should feel ashamed of disappointing the rest of the world by closing the doors against peace and stability in Darfur. Their assignment to ICC to announce the irrelevant indictment charges against President Al Bashir is contradicting and is likely to fail, thanks to the solidarity of the world's people who respect peace and human rights of all people.
The UN working in proxy and other western countries with vested interests continue to work against peace in Darfur by sending negative hints and statements which widen the gap instead of narrowing it between the conflicting parties and by doing so are encouraging the rebel movements to continue its inflexibility.
However, it seems that the so-called international community which helped to negotiate the Abuja talks has now withdrawn from what it adapted after the signature of Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA). What has become of its pledged position to press on the rebel movements to respond positively to peace and does seem not to care while the rebels fiercely hinder the peace process and the peace agreement implementation.
It is a pity that western countries say something and work out differently.
They should know that Darfur stability through a comprehensive peace agreement is absolutely necessary if life is to return to normalcy in Darfur for disturbed Darfur will definitely lead to stability in the whole region and if not halted now may also detrimentally affect the stability of the whole continent.
That being the case those countries which escalate the situation should exert restraint on its political and media outbursts and instead focus their energies towards the option of initiating a comprehensive peace agreement.

We call all the peace loving countries and the entire globe to work out a plan to convince the rebel movements to come and sit round negotiations table to talk peace with open minds and hearts so that we can have permanent peace and stability in Darfur.


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