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Pathological Delusions by Ahmed Elzobier
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Oct 4, 2006 - 7:20:00 AM

Pathological Delusions


The deadly combination of unilateral policy of superpower and totalitarian, authoritarian political culture in the Middle East have created an atmosphere that encourages conspiracy theory to thrive. Where fiction transformed into a reality; illusions become facts, lies become truth, people, elites and media accepted the endless set of conspiracies theories that explain miraculously every thing. In such political climate, where Islamic fundamentalist dominate the political and theological agenda of the whole region, political dogma and terror replaced any meaningful dialogue between competing ideas.  Free moderate thinking Muslims, and progressive secular liberal views rejected and terrorized into hiding. Conspiracy theory has been adopted to fill the gap as the theory of every ‘thing’.

The Islamic fundamentalists, Ku Klux Klansmen, and the Christian separatists would seem to have very little in common, but they do in fact share one crucial belief: that the world is secretly controlled by an elite group. It quite revealing to find that the most consistent extremist belief -- held is that the world is run by a secret committee of Jews. Where these shadowy elite starts the wars, elects heads of state, sets the price of oil and the flow of capital, conducts bizarre secret rituals, and controls the media.

To consolidate the Jewish conspiracy theory claims, the infamous document of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” adopted as a gospel truth. Although after the World War 2, and the holocaust most of the world has generally rejected claims that these protocols could represent factual evidence of a real Jewish conspiracy. The exception to this is the Middle East, where large numbers of Arabs and Muslims regimes and leaders have endorsed them as authentic.

In general conspiracy theory attempts to explain the ultimate cause of an event usually a political, social, or historical event as a secret, and often deceptive, plot by a covert alliance of influential people or organizations rather than as explicit activity or as natural occurrence. However, conspiracy theories are always found to be false due to lack of verifiable evidence and not many take it seriously.

Sudan current political leaders and their supporters have followed blindly this particular brand of conspiracy theory that, “Jews is behind every thing”. In case of Darfur “Where Muslim government is killing their fellow Muslims” they have used desperate strategy to shift responsibly and divert blames. In New York Sudan leader displayed all the symptoms that have made this country a laughing stock of the world. Speaking in the annual U.N. General Assembly debate, Al-Bashir claimed that Zionist groups wanted to weaken Sudan and that Jewish organizations were behind dozens of recent rallies. He said Israel was spreading a lie that Sudanese Arabs are killing Sudanese Africans. According to Al-Bashir increasingly paranoid mind the UN wants to colonize Sudan as if the UN is a country; also he accused protesting organizations as plotters and schemers against Sudan.

According to him even Amnesty International could be partner in such conspiracy, the very organization that symbolizes the conscious of the world. AMNSTY humbly and clearly declared herself as independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion. Practically proved beyond any doubt that it does not support or oppose any government or political system, nor does it support or oppose the views of the victims whose rights it seeks to protect. It is concerned solely with the impartial protection of human rights.

Omar Al-Bashir in his feeble attempt to divert attention from the ongoing genocide in Darfur caused by his own regime action continued his Jewish conspiracy theory rant and said, “It is clear that there is a purpose behind the heavy propaganda and media campaigns ... If we return to the last demonstrations in the United States, and the groups that organized the demonstrations, we find that they are all Jewish organizations”. Attention could be drawn to his emphasis when he said “They are all Jewish organization” Al-Bashir was baffled and bewildered that more than 50 cities around the world protesting against his regime policy in Darfur. The president astonished when he told that Darfur caused a political miracle in the history of the USA, never before, Right Wing organizations (Christians), African American organizations, Jewish organizations, Liberal and Left wing organizations, Human Rights organizations get together in a cause similar to Darfur.

The President of Sudan causal anti-Semitic remarks offended everyone and confirmed his evilness to his detractor and especially in the eyes of the liberal New York City dwellers. No wonder his movement restriction could be designed to protect him from everybody in New York (African American, Jewish, White Liberals, Sudanese Diaspora). Al-Bashir brought up in rural area in northern Sudan, nearly most of his generation could never have met a Jew in their life or even knew how the Jew looks like. The small minority of a very successful Jewish community lived in Sudan for more than century especially in Khartoum and other urban centers in Sudan for generation left the country in 1967 after the 5th June war, but their legacy still could be detected in Khartoum. However, the culture of Jewish hatred was enshrined into the daily religious teaching, media propaganda, and encouraged and institutionalized by the education system.

The President lately his danger-sensing ability began to make false predictions, and to be triggered by illusions, and become pathological; the result according to evolutionary psychology is the state of paranoid delusions that hardly differentiate between reality and fiction.

The reality remain that the suffering in Darfur moved the conscious of the world and troubled their humanity, they are protesting simply because they care. The Government of Sudan has consistently failed to resolve peacefully its own problem, the international community has left with no option other than to act to protect civilian in Darfur. If there is a conspiracy needs to be figure out, I guess the nasty mind-set that compels this government to commit such horrible crimes in its own people will be an obvious candidate. 




Ahmed Elzobier



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