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Pagan Amum Shall not be Left Alone to Carry the Cross of Separation of South Sudan (2)By James Okuk
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Dec 4, 2008 - 9:27:17 PM

Dear Hon. Pagan Amum: Your dear brothers from the South still recall your dignified history of separation when you voluntarily left the faculty of law of University of Khartoum and went to the bush in 1982 in the name of the underground movement for rejuvenating the freedom fire that was ushered in by South Sudan Liberation Movement (SSLM) of General Joseph Lago who signed the dishonoured Addis Ababa Agreement with one party Socialist Government of Jafaar Mohammed Nimeiri in 1972. Your underground leftist liberation organization that was active among the students in Malakal was known, especially in the attack you launched on Buma Mountain in July 1983 with your colleagues, Lokurnyang Lado and Nyachugak Nyachiluk. By then, you were a die-hard separatist because New Sudan Indoctrination didn’t have a place in your head. We are so glade now that you are coming back to your roots!

Dear Leader Pagan Amum: What you said in Cairo is very patriotic for South Sudan interest of Independence. Starting from now, you should never abandon this torch or extinguish its fire from burning until we are done with our tough journey of the cross of separation of South Sudan from the fanatically Islamized and racially Arabized Northern Sudan. With the current agenda of separation in your tongue, the patriotic Southerners shall be Eveready to stand with you in shouldering the struggle cross in our journey to independence, freedom, dignity and common prosperity in the long-awaited new-born “Unfailed and Uncorrupt State of South Sudan.”

From now onwards, the patriotic Southerners are going to be slaughtering fattened lambs as a celebration for the return of their prodigal son to the camp of South Sudan separatists. Your skills, efforts and resources are more needed than ever for accomplishing the journey to the freedom of our beloved motherland. Your capacities should no longer be wasted in futile attempts to unify the marginalized peoples in the peripheries of the states of the fifteen states of Northern Sudan. Let these marginalized Northerners take care of their interests without utilizing Southerners for effecting a regime change in Khartoum whose fruits remains unreliable for the South.

Dear Patriotic Southerners: Let us focus on how we should strategize intelligently and prudently for our independence right from 2011. Who knows, may be we will be in a strong position after our independence to assist the marginalized communities in the North to re-gain their dignity as well. From then (even if our generation will not be there) the next generation will think of re-integrating and re-unifying the Sudan on the basis of equals from the different disintegrated parts. So let us not tremble if the Sudan breaks into pieces in near future as a result of its failure to stay unified in peace.

Dear Freedom Gallants of the South: Let us not worry about the fear and hitches in the nerves of many cunning Jellaba and their intelligentsia when they hear a prominent Southerner talking about the inevitability of the independence of South Sudan in 2011. Let us not be distracted by their smear campaigns against the administration of the SPLM in the South. After all, who does not know that many of the mothers and fathers of Jellaba were very poor peope before their sons improved their conditions out of corrupted public money. Who is not aware of the hidden corruption in the public institutions in Khartoum? Where did so many NCP cadres get the fund for building high mansions abroad and in Khartoum and running private businesses internally and externally under the cover of others’ names? Who is not aware of the tactics of ‘Money Washing’ from many of politicians and businessmen of the riverine Northern Sudan (Awlad el Bahr)? How did many bread-beggars and poor Jalyiyeen Arabs of Hosh Banaga get rich and luxurious so quickly in the current Sudan?

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