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Pagan Amum Dragging SPLM into other Agendas By: Nasr Addeen Ghatas
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Sep 4, 2008 - 9:05:32 PM

Pagan Amum Dragging SPLM into other Agendas


By: Nasr Addeen Ghatas



Pagan Amum, Minister of Cabinet Affairs is categorized as a hawk of SPLM which had built a reputation of disdain of Muslim and Arab entity during wartime. Moreover, he was among a group who were opposing negotiations with the government of National Salvation Revolution in a bid to topple the regime .




Pagan and his comrade Yasir Arman who have common thinking and political beliefs different from the beliefs of other SPLM leaders who joined the movement to regain certain rights of their people which they believed were not realized. Because Pagan and the other comrades in SPLM are seeking agendas different from those declared by SPLM, their continuing hard-line, before and after the protocol signed in Naivasha, Kenya, can obviously be seen by all observers .




They have kept the same hard-line in spite of the political partnership. Furthermore, it seemed that Amum has been harder still during his time in the office of the ministry he occupied. It's a very strange behaviour for all politicians that a government official plays the role of opposition against a regime he had had the responsibility of its failure or success. Such a strange behaviour can only be justified by other agendas led by Pagan to make it victorious. Once,   the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Pagan Amum described, as collapsing, failed and corrupt, the government which he is supposed, as a minister in that government, to supervise its good performance .




However, we never can tell which government he means: is it the Government of South Sudan (GoSS), which is completely corrupt and whose recruitment is exclusively allocated for one or two tribes, as reported by the people of Juba who earnestly wished that SPLM would have sought an alternative capital other than theirs where their lives and properties are insecure .




We never can tell whether Pagan meant the government in which he is occupying an important office or the GoSS where his movement occupies most of the seats excluding the Southerners not affiliated to his movement. In the South of Sudan, families miss a member daily, but they would have no answers for his missing except that he was taken by SPLA and no one knows his whereabouts .




Even those who hold diplomatic immunization do not remain intact. In fact, the government depicted by Pagan as   collapsing, failed and corrupt, had provided more developmental projects, roads, hospitals, educational institutions before he joined it because it had been working in better harmony without being hampered by unfortunate statements like his. In fact, SPLM would never have been delayed from urbanization and the ethics of a civil political party, had Pagan and his group that works for its own agendas never worked with it. Except for SPLM politicians, the southerners are miserable and the members of SPLA get their salaries in installments despite the big oil revenues to GoSS .





They do not get this money in the forms of health, educational or road services, though they have been exhausted by land traveling between Juba, Wau and Malakal, except for one paved road built by SPLM politicians between Juba airport and the premises of GoSS to facilitate their traveling to Europe or Khartoum without delay or exhaustion. Before launching his subjective criticism of a government in which he takes part, Pagan has to find an answer for the most critical question about the GoSS where the National Congress Party (NCP) has no role: What are the achievements of the GoSS during the last two years although it has received a lot of money enough to transform the current poverty and underdevelopment into affluence and progress that can put the people of the South shoulder to shoulder with those of advanced countries ?  


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