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Only Favourable Humanitarian and Security Conditions are Needed in Darfur By: Al Sammani Awadalla
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Nov 6, 2006 - 9:28:00 PM

Only Favourable Humanitarian and Security Conditions are Needed in Darfur

By: Al Sammani Awadalla  

President's Chief Assistant, Head of Darfur Transitional Authority, Mini Arcoi Minnawi announced that the Darfur-Darfur dialogue is not an execution of a political body, nor will it be an alternative to any article in the Darfur Peace Agreement. It is just a support for the Agreement and a means to achieve reconciliation among the Darfur people.
    In the press conference he held yesterday, Sunday in Sudan News Agency, (SUNA), Minnawi asserted that the Darfur-Darfur dialogue conference will be held after stabilization of security situations in the region. He stated that decisions of the Darfur Dialogue will be obligatory to the Government, the armed movements and all the Darfur people, on account that it includes all tribes and the population sectors in Darfur. The Chief Assistant renewed his sticking to the peace option saying that there is no other alternative. He asserted that all parties are after peace and there is no party that has another alternative. He pointed to the presence of some objective causes that led to the delay in forming the Darfur Transitional Authority. Minnawi stated that the Abuja Agreement is still valid and Dr. Khalil Ibrahim will be part of it. Minnawi asserted that he strongly supports arriving at a third option to overstep the International Forces crisis saying that what is required now is to establish security and stability and to improve the humanitarian and political situations in Darfur. It is not the International Forces that are required now. He called for the necessity of focusing on creating favourable humanitarian and security situations to transcend any worries or risks. The President's Chief Assistant pointed out that his visit to Darfur States which will start today Monday in Nyala aims at explaining the Darfur Peace Agreement, supporting it and executing it on the grounds in all its security, political and humanitarian aspects. Minnawi asserted that they are not the cause behind the delay in forming the Darfur Transitional Authority, saying that his movement submitted all nominations and it is for the GoNU now to fulfill its part of the duties related to this issue. He revealed about meetings held between his movement and some opposition forces within the frame of political reconciliation, asserting that his movement had commended efforts by Suwar Al Dahab. He added that his movement would continue contacts with those who rejected the Abuja Agreement within the frame of the agreement itself. Minnawi denied the presence of a trend within his movement calling for a collective conference to depose him from his post. He stated that if the movement leaders decided that, then he would welcome the step.

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