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Oh god accelerate up the intervention of the international forces in Darfur to save Darfurians from Al Bashir by Adam Haron Khamis
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Sep 24, 2006 - 10:31:00 PM

Oh god accelerate up the intervention of the international forces in Darfur to save Darfurians from Al Bashir
                                                                              eng. Adam Haron Khamis
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      The uproar and the cyclone making by the government of the Islamic front these days on regards of the intervention of the international forces in Darfur, is an exaggerated phenomenon. Especially the pretexts they are making that the international forces are coming with an agenda of new colonization. The question is: when and where do these forces ever dominated any country in this world? Isnít it the forces which saved the life of millions in Bosnia and Rwanda?
 Bashir regime which understands how to form such illusive media and decorate it with the paint of Islam, to mobilize and recruit some of the opportunists and those without consciences to kill the innocent people of Sudan as they did in Southern Sudan before and doing now in Darfur where they are doing their best to complete an unfinished business of their civilized scheme (genocide).
   It is not surprising that their call will be responded by their followers of the Janjaweed, the public defense, mojahideen or Al Dabbabeen ( tank destroyers ) in their night mania which they call it the pride of sacrificed ( ors al shaheed ), cause those are born by killers and grown up on killing so they are habited of it.
 The astonishing will be if some of the good Sudanese people joint that hysteria.
        The figures show that this regime has killed in Southern Sudan itself more than 2 millions and displaced 4 millions, in Darfur they killed at least half millions, displaced around 3 millions and burn more than 4 thousands villages within three years, and still hungry to kill the same number of the southerners in their plan of targeting Darfur. Right now they are promoting the recruitment of the janjaweed and the other gangs which are surrounding the camps of the displaced people in Kalma, Abu shuk, Zalingy and all other camps in Darfur making those desperate as hostages that when the international forces are about to enter Darfur, they perish the life of these 3 millions before the arrival. This devilish plan has never happen on this planet through the history of the human being. The logic question is how we, the Sudanese people are going to respond and admit that disgraceful plan to happen? Why we leave some of us live under that panical and horrified  threat of the jajaweed and Antinouphe. Isnít it a time for as to wake-up revolute and put an end to this disaster and make this regime a history?.  Why some of us singing with Al Bashir in his songs ( resist the colonist and the atheists ).
The regime has succeeded to by some of the Darfurian opportunists to stand in their side, but those has no support from Darfurians so the regime will not get any benefit from from them, the Darfurian will not allow them to sell the live of the thousands of killed by the bloody regime, the history tells us that the most developed nations of today had suffered lot of oppressions in their past but finally have won.
  In this very day, we see how the nations from more than 30 countries are rallying on the Darfur day among them are 9 countries from Africa consolidating Darfurian in their catastrophe created by their own government, they are potting pressure on their leaders to move fast and pot an end to what is going on in Darfur, and save Darfurian.
    To those who are asking why the intervention by the international force, you have to visit Darfur and there you will find the answer, you will know why there must be an international forces, you have not to depend on the media of the regime to get the information on the situation there, this government is killing the people at night and denying in the next morning, you have to discredit them, the echo of the crime in Darfur is heard any where.
 The United Nation which is founded by all the world, and Sudan is one of the countries which ratified its consensus to protect the human being and maintain it from abusement of dictators and oppressors like Nazis and Fascist will never ever be a tool to destroy it and can not be an instrument of dominating countries, so the new Nazis of Sudan (Bashir, Nafi Ali Nafi, Magzoob Al Khalifa, Abdurrahiem Moh. Hussian, Yusif Kibir, Salah Gosh), those blood stainers of Darfurians has no reason to allegate that kind of roamers. They are terrorists and they are the ones who founded the terrorism of today on the planet, when they hosted Bin Ladin in Khartoum, trained and equipped him then freed him to fill the terror every where on the earth on the name of jihad, committing satanic crimes that Islam or any other religion has nothing t

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