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Ocampo is Playing with Fire by Omar Khalid
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Jul 14, 2008 - 9:51:26 AM

Ocampo is Playing with Fire

 According to news reports the ICC chief prosecutor   Moreno-Ocampo's announced that he would unveil a new case on abuses in Sudan's Darfur region and name suspects tomorrow Monday.

As it is known that even senior international figures warned against   ICC indictment to Sudanese figures as it will affect negatively in the peace process in the area; especially these days where big efforts were exerted to find out a solution to the Darfur crisis, besides the British initiative underway to host talks between the Sudanese government and rebel movements. Added to that the encouraging statements of the rebel factions in which they accepted the British mediation and their meetings to come out with a unified vision to ease the peace talks.

Accordingly, the ICC chief prosecutor shouldn’t have taken this damaging step at this time where things seems to be moving positively towards a sustainable solution. But it seems that Ocampo is serving foreign agendas to hinder the peace process in the area, because such indictments will have negative effect not only on the peace and stability in Sudan but also on the entire region”.

If the United Nations is serious about its engagement with Sudan, it should tell Ocampo to suspend what he is doing with this so-called indictment, as he proved that he is not neutral and his decisions is dictated by Sudan enemies on to of which is the USA.

Ocampo knows very well Sudanese government’s position against the ICC having no jurisdiction over the situation in Darfur.

Sudan as a state has its own strategy and a roadmap to resolve the issue and is progressing to reach a sustainable solution; but Ocampo wants to bring us to square one.

It is high time for all Sudanese political parties to unify their ranks and stand in one line for the sake of our nation and its sovereignty despite the political differences which should be fold at the moment.


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