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Ocampo and his Fall in Abyss by Salma Tagani
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Jul 27, 2008 - 10:29:52 AM

Ocampo and his Fall in Abyss

 It was not surprising for ICCís Ocampo to demand for issuance of warrant of   arrest for the President by the judges of the institution. The decision itself was not surprising to Sudan in general and GoNU in particular in the light of the targeting circle against Sudan. Ocampo is attempting to complete the circle started by JEM on May 10th. 2008 to overthrow the existing regime to hinder the stability and the boom witnessed in Sudan politically, economically and socially.

Despite the fact that ICC is not authorized to issue any decision against Sudan as the latter did not sign on Rome Statute, it adapted stances of the triangle which includes USA, France and Britain.

This triangle wants to stop the Chinese interests in Sudan and to stop the Chinese advance towards the rest of the black continent. They are worried of the new post colonial period friends of Africa.

Ocampoís allegations that he has evidences that there is genocide committed against certain ethnic groups in Darfur are false as the GoNU consists of members from all the Sudanese ethnic groups and even the military institution includes all members of Sudanese ethnic groups so how can such institutions carry out genocide on those groups who are part of it. This question should be answered by Ocampo and he should present the documents that prove that allegations.

In short, Ocampo is attempting to implement the Evil Triangle in the world and that is why his warrant did not include any of the Darfur rebel movementsí leaders; the movements which attacked Al-Fashir airport, Omdurman, Kutum, Kulbus, Muhagiria and spread fear in Al-Geinena, Nyala and Al-Fashir. Why didnít these movements respond to peace calls and why did they create obstacles in the movement of the international organizations in their humanitarian work in Darfur.

What are roles of the American, French and British towards the Darfur rebel movements? The answer to this question is in one sentence ... Truth will prevail and the Sudanese people know what is right and what is illegal.



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