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Ocampo Awakened the Arab Solidarity/Adil Faris
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Jul 22, 2008 - 8:54:48 AM

Ocampo Awakened the Arab Solidarity

Good that the Arab League in its Foreign Ministers' meeting of Saturday adapted unanimously a plan to confront the ICC Prosecutor-General Luis Moreno-Ocampo's arrest warrant decision for President Al-Bashir.
Arab Foreign Ministers unanimously denounced and condemned Ocampo's step against Al-Bashir.

It is the first time in the Arab League's history that all Arabs have agreed unanimously over a united stance towards foreign moves against a member state.
What is done on Saturday by the Arab League in Cairo was an important step which wiped out all its previous failures in several occasions.
This Arab League step might return the confidence of the Arab nations in that entity after a long frustration due to the splits within the meetings.
Added to that victory, the Arab League through its plan affirmed its keenness to coordinate with the African Union whose Peace and Security Council will meet today in Addis Ababa to discuss Ocampo's stillborn decision. 
As it is known, the last AU meeting which took place in Sharm Al-Sheikh recently rejected handing over any head of state to be prosecuted outside the continent.

This coordination between the Arab League and the African Union will be a big pushing power to the Sudanese government in the frame of its movements to confront the ICC Prosecutor-General's ill fated decision.
Arab League Foreign Ministers' Council deserves praise for its clear warning to UNSC about the importance of cautiousness in dealing with the situations of Sudan and to stop any action that might lead to destruction of the political settlement process for Darfur crisis.

This means that the Arab League Foreign Ministers' Council has approved a plan for the political settlement to the Darfur crisis besides a legal plan to confront Ocampo's moves.

Cairo meeting could be the real core for the return of Arab-Arab solidarity against any attempts to make splits on them.

In this connection, we refer to what happened in Lebanon, Iraq and other countries which should not repeat themselves with the existence of the Arab solidarity and integration in such issues.


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