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New efforts to end the conflict over Abyei by Sami Alshazali
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Aug 14, 2008 - 8:06:06 AM

New efforts to end the conflict over Abyei


The Presidential decree issued by President Omer Al-Bashir on appointment of Abyei administration chaired by Arop Moyik and Rahama Abdul Rahman as his deputy is widely welcomed by all sectors of Sudanese people, especially Messeriya and Dinka in Abyei.

Arop Moyik is a well known figure for Messeriya in particular. He understands the responsibilities of Abyei Protocol. He occupied the position of South Sudan DDR commissioner. He successfully ran the program in a comprehensive coordination. Therefore, his appointment as chairman of Abyei administration will realize the required success to implement the protocol in accordance with the texts of the CPA.
Rahama Abdul Rahman, is not a stranger in Abyei. He is the NCP chairman in Abyei. He realized considerable achievements at the level of reconciliation in the region. Following the declaration of the decree yesterday, he stated to Sudan Vision that he was talking from a remote area from Al-Mujlad where he was reconciling between the people of there. Certainly, such a man would assist his boss Arop in accomplishing the mission safely. The challenge facing them is to keep away from possible influence. They should carry out their role in accordance with the protocol, because the real challenge is to realize development and peaceful coexistence so that Abyei could regain its previous situation as a place for forgiveness and unity between the south and north.

Finally, we would say the decree has refuted the claims of the US envoy who is on visit to Sudan now. He has no reasons to hold or suspend the dialogue between Sudan and his country. He declared last June suspension of dialogue with Khartoum on the grounds of Abyei problem. Now, he should has to pave the way for normalization of  mutual relations and interests.


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