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Need for Reciprocity in Sudan-US Relations by Omar Khalid
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Jun 30, 2008 - 9:14:08 AM

Need for Reciprocity in Sudan-US Relations

The recent talks held in Rome for normalizing Sudanese-US relations were not the first during the past few years as the United States used to send envoys and issue statements, signaling that relations were on their way to normalization.

Notwithstanding, the United States used to resume its accusations against Sudan shortly after sending those envoys and making those statements, thus bringing the relations issue back to square one.

Sudanese public opinion has therefore remained pessimistic over normalization of relations with the United States. If the United States really genuine about normalizing relations with Sudan, it should adopt an impartial position towards issues of Sudan, particularly those related to Darfur and the South, as well as lifting the sanctions it imposed on Sudan under untenable justifications.
Sudan has in fact managed to gain the friendship of many great powers, such as China and Russia, which do not tie their relations to preconceived political considerations. If US is really keen on normalizing relations with Sudan, the door is open for that move.
However, the Rome talks could pave the way for further consultations on issues that blocked normal relations between the two if US takes these consultations with open heart and mind.

At this historic juncture of developments in Sudan, US will be required to play a positive role to demonstrate good faith. We admit that US has played a major role in the Naivasha talks that were crowned with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. For US to prove that good faith, it is also required to put pressure on the Darfur factions to come to negotiate peace instead sending them wrong signals every now and then.




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