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NO election and NO..NO to ICC postponement. by Hatim El-Madani*
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Feb 1, 2009 - 12:09:30 PM

NO election and NO..NO to ICC postponement.

Leaving aside the NCP year in year out ill habits of twist and turns in poor chameleon illusions tactics to distract the forces calling for their departures and   not less accountability for the years of inciting extremism violence, injustice, corruptions and bloodshed they prolong the country in.

The call for their departure from the political arena in Sudan wasn't a grudge by a single political opponent or dished here one opinion, its an unwavering demand by all Sudanese parties agreed to and signed for and vowed to honor in Cairo 1990 and Asmara 95 by all parties, not to mention a parliamentary act weeks before its was dissolved in 89 by them where also all Sudanese political parties but them vowed to uphold and protect democracy, the bottom-up demands and conditions then for any election to take place again in Sudan was never again any political group to be allowed to participate in the political process on religions or tribal manifestos, these same demands and values later repeated as main corner stone in all negotiations' with the régime by all opponent to the regime armed militias including its now partner the SPLM, and today the Darfuris SLM and others, there for the vow represent all the Sudan people.

Here the main issue to the Islamist is the "Sharia Law" which used as slogan to radicalize the illiterate masses for other sinister purposes than the law itself,where it should be a matter for a national referendum after a clear draft debated by feature parliament and not a campaign or a manifesto issue.

If these conditions signed for by the NCP and the dismantling of its infamous securities Gestapo's units and armed militias and not before a national clear process including financial accountability and cleanness and re-reforms of the state governing departments we should never tempt to join them in any political process because if vows are not kept no point for feature promises.

Given now we are in February less than five months from the also one side sinisterly planed for election by the NCP and still the media are controlled by them, people imprisoned for even voicing their views, politicians detained, women flogged and humiliated for wearing something they don't liked Darfurians imprisoned in IDP camps, Jihadis marching the streets chanting extremist anti-international community slogans and too many to list here. Its a laugh to mention free elections, and note none of these are exaggerations' to the situation on the ground there. Be it No election with them in power full stop.

 Back to the ICC issue,its wise first with such track record to remember that it's the international community jointly after exhaustion of remedies agreed to refer their crimes to the ICC.

  And to many too should not indulge in doubting those victims claims or portraying them as "militias' agendas and vendettas pursuers' whom will turn to be impersonators", when the majority of victims don't feel safe to come forwards in their own country, and goes without saying we all ought to respect the judges and the prosecutors upon whom are the task shouldered. where the case is only at a pre-trail evaluations then its despicable for any party pro-the accused or the prosecutors to muddle in or undermine their credibility's ,doing so could only be seen an attempt to influence the course of justice and undue mitigations'.

Such talking-shops of alarmists who they are said to express an opinion upon everything' or claim far expertise knowledge's if they are not to take part are the same alarmists first to turn round and say;" this our stake in or we against the solutions" and in the case of justice failure they will say;"we said so and so".

Where sensational rumours reported by them to be facts in regards to the expected reaction to the ICC outcome by the Vigilante force of the NCP that are baseless before they are repeating their threats to legitimised it by perditions, and if were to be carried out, for the Sudanese people as mentioned above it won't be new but common thugs reaction to justice a behaviours in their case marked this Mafia rules from day one, and no good reasons for the international community to be blackmailed by such.

 what is really baffling here is when they discounting the fact that referring the case by the whole international community to the ICC in itself consciences that crimes against humanity has been committed there and no need for it to come back for more debate and trade after the spare time given again and again, and there for its pathetic if it's a wholesale slaughters of innocents so as to be called genocide or only nine thousands, that been admitted, and debating what methods used in counting skulls.

This junction of the ICC in Africa should after all be fully supported by all if we   to pass the benefit of justice and accountability that brought civility and progress to Europe after years of bloodsheds, hatred and extremisms on. Where justice should never be trading cards,bottled,coloured or cultured.and its not an instant fruitful remedy but it's the right one for the long term and the rule of law in the case of Sudan that without no such things as fair election or democratisations will take place.

It's a matter if any of principle if the ICC is set upon trying them we should all do what in our power for them to stand before it,and publicise its course as deterrents to all tyrants, killers' and warlords and assurance to victims that there is no bullying power will stand between them and wishes for just justice.

And no doubt feature ethnics or religious wars perpetrators, dictators and warlords in Africa or the world will bare that in minds.

Hatim El-Madani*

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