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NO TO USA/UN Intervention: Simply because it is bad for Darfur and Sudan
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Sep 19, 2006 - 11:25:00 PM


Dear Bakri Abubakr,
The experience of recent military interventions in
many regions under UN and/or USA have profoundly
demonstrate, foreign armies cannot bring peace and
security to any nation. The illusion that Dar fur will
be save under UN forces must be abandoned. Foreign
intervention as many political parties have been
calling for is an opportunistic stand. It goes without
saying that this call for UN to intervene risks
falling into irrelevance and further complicates the
process of a united Sudan or self determination for
all. Indeed, a lasting solution for Dar fur or  for
the East of Sudan must be home-grown and
country-specific, rather than imposed by
It should be said that what Sudan needs is a new
governing paradigm to explore all possible ways to
peacefully resolve any conflict in our country. This
government should be taking into account the vested
national interest and SHOULD stand ready to shoulder
its responsibilities in this respect.

Dr. Fawzi SALIH

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