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Mr Al-Al-Nur wailing on the wrong Wall abandoning the three cards Monte trick by Hatim El Madani*
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Jun 25, 2008 - 9:34:09 AM

Mr Al-Al-Nur wailing on the wrong Wall abandoning the three cards Monte trick


Reading an article by the SLM rebel leader Mr Abdelwahid   Mohamed   Al-Al-Nur who moved recently to live in Paris , published on the Wall Street Journal opinion. I admit: 'to find out where he stand or   just to make sense out of it in itself an experience like trying to spot the marked card on a shaky three cards Monte trick player hands ”now you see it now you don't”.. Though sometimes egocentric in approach and in accurate in detail   some may say "It's a sign of hopelessness," from a warlord, rebel leader, freedom fighter, a politician,right advocate or whatever he want to call himself nowadays or you make out of him.

I make no apologies for the out of date ruthless strategy of the regime, which conducts crime unseen on a massive scale using proxy militias and its own troops and so too the rebel and the Toyota 4x4 Thuraya phone and AK-47 bandits, my sympathies are always with those unable to live their lives as they choose and Mr Al-Nur may well be the best of a bad crowd.

Sudanese create a humanitarian problem by drawing weapons upon each other, shortsighted and some times they are careless about the outcome of their actions or the consequences that are inevitable at the ends,they tend to   cry upon the world begging for help, where in fact there is no such free outsiders help for gunmen,in Somalia years after the crisis there, Somalis would tell you straight: "interfering   from outsiders is bad." They had seen how it had further corrupted their warlords and gunmen, and turned it into a religious verses Ideology   that was worth fighting for. Many Rwandans and other Africans will tell the same thing, about how well-intentioned outsiders could upset fragile ethnic or social systems even when they were collapsing.

Today we have 2 million Darfurian as a result of our own doing completely depended no thanks to any of you we like it or not upon the UN food supplies and same numbers or more needing assistance. Some relief agencies may doubt those figures,but   Mr Al-Nur definitely know more than anyone else that all the so called liberations movements fighters   there steal all their needs from their starving populace?or even worse preventing help to reach them and attacking UN aid convoys.   And I'm no rebel appeaser when it come to ask why the innocents in those camps have to go through this ?and again why they have to wait for the blame game to finish?. Since peace was a pipe dream,and we all seem to agree about one things is to see the end of this religious driven agenda regime and never to have its kind again , this may take some time waiting for that to happen here we also have to remember before we say no from our comfortable European pads   to any incentive to peace that people who fought long wars like Garang's once said "This war will not end with an agreement between the SPLA and Bashir”.and from his way and how he also watched the loss of millions of our people wasting each others lives on all sides, I truly advice Mr Al-Nur that our starving people have to come first before our goals.

Since Mr Al-Nur would like to leave what in Darfur in Darfur and what “is in Paris” “in Paris” and   would like to wail about   the reason why they opened an office in Israel on his article on the Wall Street to which the answer the reader may find in this relevent "maybe to me” extract from the Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, in an   interview with Frontline, the PBS   investigative series an in-depth analysis of   the war in Iraq and how it came about. Where Frontline, revealed the every rebel leader nowadays vows to the US or the New World Energy Order to obtain support the kind of   “I will do anything just make me a ruler” in this Armitage interview   you see the motive in the context of his suspicions about Ahmed Chalabi,the Iraqi exile who was then chosen by the Bush administration to run Iraq.


Armitage: I couldn’t get any receipts from him,and he seemed upset about this—I no longer had the   State Department fund him. The funding went to the Department of Defense. So it didn’t take me long to come to the belief that Mr. Chalabi was a charlatan.

Frontline: But he had real believers?

Armitage: Yes, he certainly did in the Vice President’s Office.

Frontline: Why?

Armitage: Well, he was very charming and smart. This was one smart cookie.

Frontline: He convinced them that this was the answer they wanted to hear?

 Armitage: Well, perhaps when you’re telling people what they want to hear, and that you’ll recognize Israel and you can have bases in Iraq and this will be the new democratic bastion in the Middle East which can change the whole picture of the   Middle East , maybe there’s a bit of a siren song there.


Those American officials who promoted the war hoped that a Chalabi-led Iraq would recognize Israel and a new era in the Middle East would begin. of course they didn't give a flying monkey about who's who?who will die or how many?,when they set off to achieve that or after.

Mr Al-Nur should refrains from this sort of gesture appeasing politics,the Israeli are not that dumb when they know every Darfurian rebel fighter wears copy's of the Korans as a nick lass or armband and all grew up to think   Jewish are evils and lets face it the region as whole has the largest Islamist fanaticism in the Sudan,what Mr Al-Nur   have to understand and differentiate between   is the support of the Jewish groups from around the world especially from outside of Israel to Darfur causes is for the blight of its people and is based on more nobler principle than Israel- Sudan relationships or the Middle east foreign politics, this support come basically   from the principle that you all failed to appreciate in Sudan. where these Jewish groups don't want to see again what happened to their people whom died by the millions in Europe Nazi Germany as a result of race or religious hate happening again to others no matter who they are or where they are and such principle shared by the globe and has nothing to do with the state of Israel and the only rewards or thanks to the whole world if its due has to be by stopping the killing there and adopting theses humans values.

Unlike the self contradictory   to these principle   by Mr Al-Nur   when used the terms “Islamo-fascist, Arab Militia,Arab-Islamist,Arab settlers...etc ”   on his article   and I'm pretty sure even the German Jewish victims of the “then majority Christians Germany”   never used the term “Christians-fascist”   its just the word fascist be it about race or religion   simply because   the use of value-laden language that seek to define this race or that religion with label is on itself fascism intent to establish bad perspective of otherness in a wholesale twist.

As they   say “Wounds heel but not ill words”,Its a matter of principle for some of us   to stand up against prejudice and ignorance enough said not to go deep to the racial hatred that deep institutionalized itself inside our politicians of   today practical attitude toward the job.

To repeat If there is one things I totally agree with Mr Al-Nur is what he said : “its inconceivable this fascist regime can reform itself and it must disappear”.How? My answer is:The Sudanese Way. is tried tested and proven against all Sudanese dictators and no regime has the power to stop it,I could only say for now our people hissing and booing and lets face it again they experienced a deep lack of respect at least from the old traditional   leaders of the people they were trying to save and from others with personal ambitions or vindictive race and foreign cards waving it about in the name of liberations movement where all would conspire to eat up precious time, so much of which we don't have.

And not last “The Sudanese Way” is not a reference to the upcoming election,   where you also quick to dismiss or to entertain the idea of participating .I quite agree with you about every suspicions you have raised,but let me also enlighten you about many factors here,the regime old Trojan   the Moslems brotherhoods   are under different banner today ,what is left is   the old opportunists remnants of the infamous Numeri crooks who are shamelessly made a fortune again as they did before while our people starving again,   they are doubt are despised by all Sudanese anyhow ,and they   will if not already abandoning the sinking ship and are busy now days in changing alliances and allegiances and colours to infiltrate both Umma and UDP even Al-Bashir arranging his Saudi exile because they know they don't stand a chance on the ballots box,but sadly both old parties   in-laws are happy to do the dirty work for them.

The election in itself no question is farce but is the last dignified way out for them to disperse waiting coming trail otherwise the rope nose. I will be more than happy to see them doing the Robert Mogabi saga because the quite Sudanese are not Zimbabwe .

However our main concerns now is all of them to face trail and none to leave the country with a Sudanese stolen Pence on him and this what the international community ought to understand. Orders to be served on all on the top, travel ban to include even the small fish and the wheelers dealers, total money transfer ban   from Sudan till after the election and we are set upon   achieving that so those children and mothers and old who died begging for a drop of    they can rest in peace, I only ask for their souls to forgive us and to forgive them too.

Time hath an art to make dust of all things, as much of a man’s reputation as of his body, of the things that he did, of the reasons for which he did them.


Hatim El Madani*


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