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More and more development projects by Ahmed Al Bahi
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Aug 21, 2008 - 1:05:43 PM

More and more development projects

Few days ago and under the auspices of Vice President Ali Osman Mohammad Taha, the First Investment Forum for River Nile State was launched. The forum represents an important and advanced move in the history of River Nile State.

Since the British colonized the Sudan and up to now, Atbara has been the spearhead of struggle against that colonization and through many years after independence granted to the Sudan on 1st January, 1956 during the political conflicts, Atbara was in the middle of them.
Unfortunately since independence the successive regimes of have knowingly kept Atbara economically weak and the whole River Nile State absent from any development projects.

Now and as Sudan is entering a new era in its economic development, the River Nile State deserves to be included in the development programmes.
This is not for nothing but because the state is rich with its natural resources, and historically it is known to be rich in iron industry and gold mining of the era of Meroe kingdom.

Besides these natural resources, River Nile and Atbara River banks are filled with vast fertile lands for agriculture, in addition to animal production. So if the main infrastructure such as transport and electricity are installed in the State that can make a great difference in the socio-economic development of the State and the neighboring states of the country.

Recently the River Nile State has witnessed the establishment of several cement factories whose products will appear in the markets within the few coming months. This is an achievement for Sudan, as its citizens will get the material for building decent houses for accommodation and for businesses.

We hope that the recommendations of the forum that was held in relations to the River Nile State will be implemented and we are sure that the State's authorities will manage to set the measures which attract the investors to participate in the State's development.




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