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Minni Arco and Khalil Ibrahim relation by Salma Altagani
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Sep 3, 2008 - 9:42:57 AM

Minni Arco and Khalil Ibrahim relation

According to news reports a meeting will be held between SLM/A Leader Minni Arco Minnawi who is at the same time Senior Assistant to the President and JEM leader Khalil Ibrahim. The meeting will take place in Chadian capital. This is considered the second meeting between the two men in the last few months.
There are several questions which come into the minds of the observers:
These are what will be the objectives of the meeting? Will it be between opposition (represented by Khalil Ibrahim) and government (represented by Minni Arco Minnawi)? Or will it be between two opponent parties to ally against a joint enemy (which in this case is the Sudanese government)?
If we consider the meeting as between government (Minnawi) and opposition (Khalil), we say that it is nonsense and has no any justification especially after the government classified Khalilís movement as a terrorist organization and that the Sudanese government will not sit and negotiate peace with such a terrorist movement  (and Minnawi of course is a partner in the GoNU).  So what is the justification for Minnawi to meet Khalil and to discuss what? Did Minnawi notify the GoNU in which he holds the position of Senior Assistant to the President about the step or is he working outside the system? What is the reflection of the government towards what is going on?
It the meeting comes in the frame of opposition/opposition it should be known that Minnawi and his faction did not tender their resignations from the GoNU. Minnawiís remaining in Darfur in protest for non-implementation of Abuja Agreement does not give him the right to meet governmentís enemies. He should go to Khartoum to present his views to speed up the Abuja agreement implementation, instead of sending such negative messages which put more oil on the fire and complicate the already complicated situation in the region.

SLM/A should reconsider its stances which contradict with the nationís interests especially in this period which necessitates from all of us to exert joint efforts to confront the challenges facing the country.



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