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Minnawi and GoS by Omar Al Bushra
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Aug 3, 2008 - 9:42:43 AM

Minnawi and GoS

When SLM/A leader, Minni Minnawi has chosen to sign the Abuja Agreement while others refused to do so, his position was hailed because he sided with peace. Minnawi must have thought that intransigence would only culminate in the escalation of conflict which would add to the sufferings of the people of Darfur.

As the leader of the mainstream faction, Minnawi has joined the Government of National Unity and so has become a partner to the decision-making.

With some Darfurian Movements, choosing to stay outside the peace process Minnawi faction sought to persuade these opponents to join peace forces. Though some movements brokeaway from the opposition Nur SLM/A and JEM Movements, others such as NRF were formed. Notwithstanding, Minnawi faction stuck to its position on peace. Naturally, the deterioration of security conditions in Darfur was the product of this shaky picture of the Darfur movements.

That state of affairs should not have discouraged Minnawi to threaten of quitting the government as has been reported. Instead, Minnawi faction should demonstrate more resolve to put an end to the deteriorating security conditions through intensifying contacts with their fellow-Darfurians to convince them of joining the peace forces.

By virtue of assuming the position of Senior Assistant to the President, Minnawi is in a position to influence the decision-making. He should therefore discuss with the other decision-makers ways of improving the situation, especially that Minnawi is also the President of the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority.

We believe that the man, who earned the admiration of the international community by signing DPA, has that depth of vision that enables him to clearly see things in their right perspectives. He too, is wise enough to weigh his statements to slam the door in the face of those who seek the fish in troubled waters. Minnawi has already impressed on people the image of peace champion, and so he is required to carefully calculate the situation.



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