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Media Role in Supporting Orphans by Waleed Ali
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Sep 25, 2008 - 9:08:29 AM

Media Role in Supporting Orphans

The African Society for Maternity and Childhood organized its annual Ramadan Iftar for media representatives under the auspices of Khartoum State Minister of Culture. The Society’s Secretary-General called for pushing the official and popular efforts to redress the orphans conditions in the country.
He pointed to the importance of media men in creating awareness about the increasing numbers of orphans so that the concerned parties, organizations or individuals can try to sponsor those orphans.

According to statistics, 67% of the homeless in Khartoum are orphans.
The number of orphans hiked as much as three million in the country.
This figure necessitates that the concerned parties should work out a plan to rescue those orphans and to encourage them. The Ministry of Social Welfare lamented the poor status of the social media and the mal activation of governmental resolutions that focus orphans, revealing that the Gulf wars have undermined foreign support inflows into Sudan in favour of orphans’ sponsorship.
We call for a workshop by media men to address the issue and start a campaign to raise awareness towards the importance of supporting the orphans.

We also call upon all the NGOs, civil society organizations, and community all over the country to pay more attention to the issue.



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