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Lack of Security in South Sudan by Hassan Ali
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Sep 15, 2008 - 8:52:09 AM

Lack of Security in South Sudan

Rumbek town the capital of Lakes State is living tensioned moments due the reflections of the SPLA disarmament campaign operations. The reason of tensions is that elements from SPLA did all what is legal and what is illegal to collect weapons from people according to the statement of GoSS Advisor for Security and Justice Affairs (Martin Atim).

Martin said that that more than (350) elements from SPLA surrounded that town from the early morning and started inspecting all houses and people in search of arms, but instead SPLA elements confiscated citizens' properties which have nothing to do with the disarmament campaign. SPLA elements targeted also other regular forces.

The clashes between the citizens and the SPLA elements claimed the lives of several innocent persons with several others seriously injured who were shot without reasons.

Rumbek citizens appealed to President Al-Bashir to interfere to rescue citizens of the area from what they called the inhumane practices of SPLA.
In another development passengers onboard flights arriving to Juba from Khartoum were subject to intensive inspection, lashing, and insults by SPLA security elements. Added to that also the violence practiced by SPLA elements against Democratic Front personnel and arresting them in Juba University.
SPLA spokesman admitted that there were several violations and that those accused will be punished. This was followed by a high-ranking delegation from GoSS arriving Rumbek to investigate the incidents.
We call on SPLM leadership and GoSS to handle the security issue in Southern Sudan seriously to avoid repetition of such incidents in other areas and to allow for regular forces to keep their respective arms to protect the citizens.
We also call for harsher punishment of those who violated the rule of law from SPLA elements considering that they had brought shame to the SPLA soldiers in general.

GoSS is required to bring about control in the whole south to enable for reconstruction, development so that citizens live in peace.



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