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Kiir: Saying and doing differently by Malual Maker, South Sudan
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Apr 3, 2008 - 7:47:30 AM

Kiir: Saying and doing differently


. Our leader Salva son of Mayerdit from Awan section of great Gogrial, is always saying good words. If really followed and implemented the South will be a better place. But what happens is different, if Kiir is talking and serious of eliminating corruption in South Sudan of which he is leader. What the good reason of appointing General Malong to governorship of Northern Bhar el Ghazal State? What sort of good governance Malong can provide to the state? He is a man of seventy wives out of many concubines. Every night he has listened to different voices with problems.
It's astonishing whether Mr. President has wide consultation when appointing officials or just relaying on his native fellows, narrow circle like chief Nyal Chan and Bona Bang, the good failed military man dismissed by Ex-president Nimeri.
Mr. President, the seat is yours and if you do not treat it as national trust, you will soon loose it. There are some idiots deceiving you always that they will blindly support you because are Dinka and from Bhar el Ghazal.
In politics no blood relation. What was your good reason of appointing Tor Deng to Warrap governorship? Traitor Tor Deng, the one who was communist when in school and become Islamist. During seventies, in school, Tor was one advocating revolt against
government for liberation of South Sudanese people. But for action Tor declined and instead joined Islamist Khartoum regime. There is no doubt that Tor may have participated in the murder of SPLA officers who were caught alive when Gogrial was recaptured by enemy in 2002, by then Tor was acting governor of Warap.
Mr. president it is an insult to SPLM, Warap and great Gogrial citizens to appoint a person like Tor who just joined SPLM after realizing that there is no future for him in NCP. Appointing Tor reflects to Gogrial citizens that there's no qualified person among them except Tor who changes his color when difficulties come. He was Christian and become Muslim. You will see him one day back to his masters in NCP who sent him to fulfill their mission in destabilizing SPLM.
Time will tell us where this style of your leadership will take South Sudanese to.


  Malual Maker , South Sudan

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