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Keep away from Darfour, Mustafa Osman Ismail, warns the SPLM Translated by Majok Nikodemo Arou
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Jul 23, 2007 - 11:53:03 PM

Keep away from Darfour, Mustafa Osman Ismail, warns the SPLM


Translated by Majok Nikodemo Arou


Read below the full text of the interview with Mr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, a Sudanese President Adviser and senior NCP official. The interview was published by the Sudanese Arab local daily, Al-Rayaam on Friday, July 11, 2007 .




KHARTOUM : War of words has once more flared up between the Naivasha partners after a year’s lull. The National Congress Party (NCP), a main partner in the Government of National Unity (GoNU), blasted the SPLM, describing their role in Darfour as a sheer “political brokerage” only intended to polish their image at the international arena.  

The NCP advised the SPLM to leave Darfour alone as long as they have nothing to offer, stating that the SPLM leadership had so far failed to bring together the Darfour rebel leaders.

Meanwhile, the (NCP) revealed that the SPLM were reluctant to reach a fair deal over the disputed area of Abyie.

The NCP mockingly stated that they agree with the SPLM Secretary General Pagan Amum over looming frustration in the South, but maintained that the frustration was attributed to spread of corruption, nepotism and lack of development despite the fact that the SPLM had received US$2billion from the GoNU.

Mustafa Ismail, a Sudanese President’s adviser and senior NCP official, brushed aside the current efforts being exerted by the SPLM to settle the Darfour conflict, depicting these efforts as mere “political brokerage” to convince the international community that they were at least doing something in this respect!

Speaking at a press conference held at the NCP head office in Khartoum on Thursday ( 12/07/2007 ), Mustafa added “the SPLM have nothing to offer as they have already failed to bring the Darfour rebel leaders together in Juba to unite their position ahead of the final talks”.

He added that the SPLM had apparently exploited Darfouri sons during the war in the South, urging the SPLM to keep distance from Darfour in case they have nothing positive to offer.  

Referring to Pagan Amum’s recent statements over the attractive unity, Mustafa said he doubts “the SPLM stance about unity or even how to make it attractive. The SPLM manipulate the issue of national unity, citing the SPLM leaders have seized all the posts without granting any post to other elements out of the SPLM whether in the South, or East, or the Nuba Mountains .

“Nothing is more obvious than to see the former comrades from the Nuba Mountains , who had represented the backbone of the SPLA during the fighting, but are now sidelined from the Government of South Sudan (GoSS). They are left in the lurch to face their doom alone”, Mustafa scorned.

He underscored that, “if the SPLM believed in the unity, they would include the former comrades from the Nuba Mountains in the GoSS to convince others about their patriotism”!

Mustafa deeply regretted threats of Pagan Amum, the SPLM Secretary General, who called for US intervention to decode the Abyie stalemate, though (Mustafa) admitted that there were differences over the Abyie borders. “We have specified the local borders of the Abyie area, but the SPLM rejected our proposal by deadly sticking to the red line borders specified by the international Abyie Commission Borders (ABC).

He added that the SPLM were aware that “The NCP extremely quash the ABC report. The SPLM only seek to grab the Abyie oil fields and others”.  

Mustafa flayed Pagan’s call for the US intervention in the Abyie dispute, pointing out that it would have been reasonable if that had been proposed at the table. Such a call will remain irrational and dubious.

“The 1905 Abyie borders are inscribed in the Abyie report proposed by US President George Bush’s former envoy to Sudan , John Danforth. The report illustrates that Abyie belongs to the nine Dinka Ngok Chieftaincies. The report was sent to President Beshir. Subsequently, the Naivasha Peace Agreement entirely depended on the 1905 borders”, he added.

However, Mustafa noted that what is required is to determine the 1905 borders. Dinka and al-Messiriya know the borders better than the SPLM do. “I Wish pagan would invite Dinka and al-Messiriya instead of America ”!!

He sarcastically remarked that he “agrees with Pagan about spread of frustration in the South, citing the corruption which led to reshuffle as an example, though it did not yet reveal whereabouts of US$60million.”

Mustafa further said the GoSS had received US$2billion, indicating that the southerners were dismayed because “they do not know where and how the funds have been spent amid deterioration of services in Juba, besides slump at the local market, following goods dumping triggered by opening of the borders with the neighbouring countries”.

“The frustration was caused by corruption, nepotism, mismanagement and lack of capacity as the GoSS failed to spend the funds accordingly”, he added.

Mustafa reiterated that the NCP would still consider the SPLM as a partner despite existence of some agitators “as long as our duty is to implement the CPA”.

He strongly flayed Pagan’s remarks over marking of the 18th anniversary of the Ingaz “Coup detate which brought Beshir to power in 1989), indicating that “when we celebrate peace the SPLM do not attend”.

Mustafa said “Marking the 18th National Salvation Revolution anniversary is fundamental as the Ingaz (coup detate) eventually brought about the Naivasha Peace Agreement.

He criticised the SPLM’s talk about transition to democracy, saying the SPLM are not ruling the South through a ballot, they came to power through the Naivasha agreement.

Mustafa said “The SPLM are now throttling and harassing other Southern Sudanese political leaders, such as Dominic Kasiano, Bona Malwal and Riek Gai, who endeavour to operate independently from the SPLM in the South. Ends



It has to be recalled that when Mr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, was the Foreign Minister of Sudan, he accompanied the then UN envoy to Sudan , Jan Pronk, in one of his frequent Darfour visits.  Mustafa was reported to have stood at the rubble of charred house in Darfour, then he asked Pronk, “Where is the evidence Mr. Pronk?” Guess dear reader, who is a typical broker!!




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