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Justice must be alive in Sudan if peace is genuine? By Mawien D Kuol
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Apr 10, 2008 - 10:17:07 AM

Justice must be alive in Sudan if peace is genuine?

The people of Sudan , in particular Southern Sudan , have not witnessed peace and stability under northern tyrannical regimes since Sudan ’s independence. It was anticipated that a comprehensive peace agreement would put an end to Sudanese discrepancies, yet many marginalized areas still suffer under the national congress party (NCP) as if there wasn’t peace accord. Although the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was assumed to have come with peace and stability to the entire people of Sudan , and many marginalized areas did experience peace, the people of Darfur experienced war during the peace process, and Dinka Ngok Abyei could not easily be reached by peace.

Dinka Ngok Abyei had been very patient waiting for their agreed protocol to be fully implemented. Many thanks and appreciation to our president, I mean his Excellency Salva Kiir mayardit president of the government of Southern Sudan , for extending freedom to his Dink Ngok people by nominating Comrade Edward Lino who was described by Abyei local residence (Dinka Ngok) as light. It is indeed a historic step toward realization of peace agreement in the Abyei area. Abyei has never witnessed such a historic moment in its history since Sudan independence. South Sudan leaders are empowered by God to make such a wise and right decision started from the late Dr John to the current charismatic leader Cde Salva Kiir Mayardite. His Excellency Kiir nomination to Cde Edward Lino to represent Sudan people liberation movement (SPLM) in Abyei area happened at the right time when Dinka Ngok were in real need of rescue from such a gloomy and dark situation. According to Abyei Protocol, the Abyei Administration was meant to be for Abyei people “ninechiefdom”. Edward as liberal son of Abyei and member of the ninechiefdom has the right to lead his people - he entered the area peacefully and was well received by the entire Dinka Ngok community. How could he occupy the area when there is “peace” in Sudan ? Cde Kiir Mayardite has done his obligation. Lino can not be deprive from his clan   no matter what he has a right to pursue his obligation as mandated by his superior to serve his people in Abyei whenever he is ask to do so. He is in fact the choice of the people; I believe the entire Dinka Ngok and South Sudanese have no doubt in Lino’s leadership.

There is plenty of evidence that prejudice is still alive in Sudan . This can be seen in the national congress party’s (NCP) unenthusiastic strategy toward marginalised people such as people of Abyei. A lot of evidence indicates that the NCP do not mean a genuine peace agreement and their desire has always been to bring any comprehensive peace agreement to an end. As appeared in President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir speech in central Sudan last year, they are not going to implement the Abyei protocol. It is implied that the NCP wanted to make Abyei protocol to be a second Addis Ababa Agreement which was simply dishonest by May regime. There are no doubt continued attacks by northern armed nomadic Misseriya tribesmen to innocent civilian in Abyei area was influenced by the NCP.

According to an abolished Sudan ’s history book which I read long ago, Bagara (Misseriya) in other word were known by their movement. Since their settlement in that area they have never been strong without support from the Northern regime. A simple question should be asked - where do the Missiriya get their arms? An answer to that question is something obvious anyone in Sudan can get right without muttering to his or her fellow mate.

It is advisable that Missiriya should not allow the interest groups to misguide them in their way of living if they really need stability with their neighourhoods. We are in the era of truth no one can afford to take other right a way except God. We can not deny the very fact that there are boundaries between Dinka ngok and Missiriya and the boundaries are clear as they have been confirmed by experts. I am very thankful to the Abyei Boundaries Commission (ABC) for being realistic in their report, especially thanks to Sir Douglas Johnson and his colleague on their magnificent report which will bring continued awareness to the ongoing situation in Sudan . This is a real time where we need elite like Sir Douglas to tell historical truth. No one from far north or somebody with an interest can be allowed to exaggerate or create a new border which does not exist, simply because of the oil which has just been discovered lately.

 Ironically, there is nowhere in the Globe where someone can milk a cow of somebody with such a good yield for almost a decade without giving the owner what we Dinka called “arew”, or a second chance when milking a cow.

What did NCP do in Abyei area in term of development if they really care about Abyei People?   Dinka Ngok Abyei people are there because SPLM continues to support in area such as health in addition the assistance they received from United Nation (NU) & Non-governmental originations (NGO). I believe Abyei would have been in a different shape if the SPLM was given its Oil share from Abyei Oil. I suppose a colonial is better when comparing it to NCP because colonial cannot afford take such resources from south to develop north for such enormous amount of time.  

I wonder why the CPA is still not clear to the Massiriya, although it was written in English and translated to Arabic so that every ordinary person in Sudan can and must understand the contents of the comprehensive peace agreement. I wonder also if the government of national unity is so generous enough to translate the CPA to some languages so that people such as Massiriya can understand the contents of the CPA. In case they are aware about their rights from the Abyei protocol then should claim what they owe from that vital agreement which was witness by the international community. Rather than allowing NCP to hire them with their 2% to kill an innocent civilian in the south. However, people of southern Sudan , especially the bordering resident are not afraid from Massirya because massirya is not new to them but, they obey CPA as they believe in rule of law.   Alternatively, Massirya can seek assistance from IGAD so that issues are made clear for them because in the end they will be the biggest loser.   

Obviously the entry of well armed northern troops to Abyei town is clearly violation to comprehensive Peace Agreement however, that foolish act can be highlighted to    international community, even though they show less interest in such issues. If they are really serious then they should not allow NCP to play around with the CPA. People are fate up with the NCP injustice? Al –Bishar must also distinguish between the past agreements and present agreement. This peace agreement will not be like the past Agreements that were dishonest as they wished to suit their own needs.

Many thanks to the SPLM for tackling such an insult and also their perseverance in all the tactics that NCP employ to water down the implementation of the agreement. CPA is an essential constitutional that creates a new era in Sudan politics therefore, it can not be dishonest as it has been in the past, and it is the responsibility of every Sudanese to keep an eye on it.

When are the neglected people in Sudan going to be Free ? They need to concentrate on development not War. We all have the ability to do that but instead let’s share those natural resources equally and focus on development. This time Sudan can not be ruled by the doctrine of the divine right of kings. The full implementation of the peace agreement is the only way out. I urge the international community and peace mediators to pressure the NCP to fully implement the comprehensive peace agreement.

However, the remaining part seems to require Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and international community intervention as well as watchdog to monitor any further volitation of Comprehensive peace agreement. If they really for peace prosperity in Sudan . And the ball is on there side.


By Mawien D Kuol I am where I am should you have any comment feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] . We are born to talk.

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