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Justice and Equality Movement and its Great Deception for the Sudanese People. By: Mohammed El Hassan Ali
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Aug 18, 2008 - 11:17:52 PM

Justice and Equality Movement and its Great Deception for the Sudanese People.



By: Mohammed El Hassan Ali                 [email protected]

Translated By: Telfaj Nasir El toum          [email protected]




It is undisputable fact that, Justice and Equality Movement which led by Dr.Khalil Ibrahim is the military wing of the Popular Congress Party of the Islamic thinker Dr.Hassan El Turabi; and both of them are working hard to rejuvenate themselves, in order to cope with the world’s new realities, and by so doing they are deceiving the Sudanese People and the following are some facts proving that:-


Firstly : The Philosopy and Tactics:


Dr. Hassan El Turabi the Secretary General of the People’s Congress Party and Dr. Khalil Ibrahim of Justice and Equality Movement and their ardent supporters and Islamic followers are using one philosophy and tactics to recapture power ( Islamic Ideology sugar coated with  vague democratic ideals) ; which reflect their callous contempt and defiance to Sudanese People’s minds; and they still believe that, Sudanese masses are fools and can easily forget their misdeeds and bygones; so that they can hopefully reshape them again. It recited that Dr.El Turabi during the days on which he was driving the power machine behind the scenes; held a glass of juice on his hand and said ’’ I want to mold the Sudanese masses in our Civilization Project like the juice in this glass’’and bellow are some of their tactics:


Dr.Hassan El Turabi, to the surprise and astonishment of every body, overnight and without any introductions a abandoned his Jihad’s Ideology and said that ” anybody died in the Sudanese war be it in the South Sudan,Nuba Mountain or the Blue Nile was  not a martyr but a carrion ( Fatysa )” Damnation!!!.The radical fundamentalist’s bullshitter and the Professor of Jihad saying this, shamelessly after he spilt the blood of more than three million lives of Sudanese sons and daughters; after he mobilized them under the name of the sacred call “ Jihad ”, and made them fodder to satiate his giant Jihad machine. Where is his Jihad’s caravans ( Seif El ibor, Teir El ababil, El mokheiraat Sobha); and the Jihad’s Songs and Anthems { In the protection of our lord ( Fi Himaka Rabbanah),by God, if it’s not God we will not be guided ( wa Allahi lawou la Allahi ma eihtadeinaa),and America Russia their punishment has neared ( Amrica,Rousia kad dana azabouha) }


Dear Sudanese People, Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen, with profound sense of grieve to the lost lives, more than three million people, I repeat more than three million soul, son and daughter, man and woman are considered in the eyes of the Sudanese Islamist, just like animals or objects and their killing can simply go to oblivion, thus, the Sudanese junta; field marshal Omar Al-Bashir and his war lords ,and the fanatical Islamic fundamentalist Dr.Hassan El Turabi and Dr. Khalil Ibrahim, Chairman of Justice and Equality Movement and their Associates, after skillfully killed more than three million people, displaced millions, cut means of survival and the livelihood of hundreds of thousands,destroyed the lives of so many people and render countless people jobless through their Public Interest or  other scheming Islamic Projects; the Islamic thinker and the Sheik of Islam Dr. Hassan El Turabi, and after he was ousted from the power position and denied the sweet juices of power by Al- Bashir   simply apologized to the Sudanese people; as if nothing  had happened and said ” a mistake in application to the method of governing had happened ” at whose expense Dr. El Turabi??? and today his adjutants Dr. El Faki, the Chairperson of the Legislative Council for Justice and Equality Movement and Dr. Khalil Ibrahim the Amir of Mujahedeen and the Chairman of Justice and Equality Movement are toeing the line of their Sheikh Dr. El Turabi and apologizing to the Sudanese people for what they did in South Sudan, Blue Nile and the Nuba Mountain better late than never.


Dr. Hassan EL Turabi, the Secretary General of the Popular Congress Party appearing today like  wolf in sheep skin and speaking full-mouthed that” It’s possible for any Christian Sudanese from South Sudan to govern the Country” is he not the same Dr  El Turabi who had been fighting the Christian of the South Sudan tirelessly to impose on them his Islamic Ideology, the same Ideology which let Dr. Khalil Ibrahim to  wage a contentious war against his brothers in  South Sudan, Blue Nile and  Nuba Mountain and know letting Al- Bashir to continue unabated; as if it was a war between two Countries, and to our dismay, every Sudanese still remembering well the famous Friday program in the Sudanese national T.V which called; inside the arenas of sacrificing ( Fi sahat El fedaa) intended to immortalize and lionize the heroes of the Islamic war and the Amirs of he jihad, that Dr. Khalil Ibrahim had been one of them, among others; and also the ardent Fedayeen and the Dababyeen battalions ( used to wear red tapes on their foreheads) and the jubilation that will follow; hereinafter, such as the wedding of the martyr ( Eris El shaheed ), in the name of the holy war “Jihad”. These horrible, terrifying and painful realities of State all - out war against it’s  People ;let Southerners with no other option, but to seek separation in order to close he Chapter of   State sponsored terrorism against them; in addiction to the mass destruction to the economic, social and political live that accompanied it, just to mention the least . And with all these, far from forgotten; it is strange enough to hear a person like Dr. EL Faki, the Chairperson of the Legislative Council for Justice and Equality Movement, saying that his Islamic Movement is undividedly blessing the nomination of the. First vice- President and the head of Government of South Sudan and Chairman of the SPLM Mr.Salva Kiir Myardit for the Presidency, whom his Chairman and the Amir of Jihad had been fighting, leading battalions of Mujahedeen and Dababeen, because he was a Christian; and who knows if Dr. Khalil, accidentally met Mr. Salva Kiir in theatre of war at that time, he may not would have been a live so that he can nominate him today. Is it not Dr. Khalil Ibrahim was nominating Mr. Salva Kiir for the Presidency because the latter was no longer in a weaker position and Dr. Khalil was defeated to change the political map of South Sudan and the names of it’s People from Marry, John, Lual and Akoj to Fatima El Zahra and Rabiha El Adaweyya under the Islamic Jihad??? Is it not the same vulnerable Islamic Movement which Dr. Khalil and his followers renaming and brightening it, to  Civic State today; in order to deceive the people and hijack any opportunity to strengthen themselves and return to their past habits??.


In a book written by the Sudanese political veteran Dr. Mansour Khalid, on which the late father of the Nuba Mountain, Philip Abass Gaboush asked Dr. El Turabi, whether it is possible for the Christian Sudanese to rule the Country he replied ironically,” No and there is no answer except No”.


The Delegate of the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army, the Participants, Observers and the Organizers to the Conference, still vividly remember the incident of Dr. Khalil Ibrahim the Chairman of Justice and Equality Movement in 2004,during the Workshop which held in Rome city under the auspice of santagidea centre; aiming at finding a common negotiating ground between the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army and the Justice and Equality Movement, in order to kick start the negotiation of Abuja, on which the Leader and the Chairman of SLM/A Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed El Nur stated clearly the uncompromised position of his Movement in the issue of Religion and State ” Separation of the Religion from the State ” the move which ignited Dr. Khalil Ibrahim and lost his nerves, and suddenly went out of the meeting and  contacted Dr.Ali El Haj in Berlin at that time, which ordered him to leave Rome to Libya, Tripoli; where he said his renowned statement “ The Santagidea wants to baptize Dar Fur ”; and in fact the same statement was said by Omar Al- Bashir when the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army vehemently insisted on putting the clause of separation of the Religion from the State in Abuja’s ” DoP ”however; it lately came to the information of the Movement that; Justice and Equality Movement   and the National Congress Party have agreed in advance about a common bottom line and that is, not to separate Religion from State; in that time, separation of the Religion from the State was a flat baptizing, but today, the same thing was   Civic State, God gracious!!! What hypocrisy! And who are you kidding? You sheer Islamists.


And I’m leaving to my dear readers to judge, the drastically shift between the positions of the two men (Dr. El Turabi and Dr. Khalil) yesterday and today and compare for themselves from Dr.El Turabi’s legal opinions:


1.        In the issue of woman; Dr. Hassan El Turabi recently said:


A.       It is permissible for any Muslim woman to marry Christian man or nonbeliever.

B.       It is permissible for a woman to be Imam in prayer and also in the State Governance.


Poor me!!! But he is the same Dr. El Turabi that his famous talks a bout woman was “ women are under-religion and mind ” and “ God cursed the Nation headed by a woman ” Of course; his words should not take anybody by surprise, because, it was him and non other Sheikh rather than him Dr. Hassan El Turabi, the Sudanese master of contradictions and manipulation , and the chief simple – mind exploiter; who imposed in a time the veil ( Heijaab ) in the Sudanese Universities and in every field of Civil Service and employment, and in the Sudanese public street and even for non- Muslim women Heijaab was forcibly imposed upon them; thus the disobedient were taken to the Public Order Courts ( Kangaroo courts ), where they received the heaviest penalties and lashes, executed by the Public Order Police..

All the pre mentioned system of governing and enactments were brought to being and solidified by Dr. El Turabi as the Islamists’ mastermind and visionary and Dr. Khalil Ibrahim as whip hands. And it’s worth mentioning here that Dr.Hassan El Turabi during his tenure as the sole Sudanese Legislator and enactor cleaned, as part of their Islamic Project; the Sudanese Civil Service from all women, except the wives of his close Aides like Dr. Khalil and Dr. El Faki, and the Islamic Movement’s women. Therefore; all the competent minds and women who worth their salts had been driven out from the Civil Service under the name of the Islamic Civilization Project; and today the schemers are speaking another language, is it not a total hypocrisy, deceit, bullshit and absolute contempt to the Sudanese minds?? Shame on them.


2.        It commonly narrated to Dr. El Turabi his saying that “ There is nothing called the agony of the grave ” –   Azab El khabr – and was him who had been successfully mobilizing his supporters and followers and the entire Sudanese masses to kill their brothers of South Sudan, Nuba Mountain and the Blue Nile; in order to get the secure heaven, Paradise of greenery, eternal shades and the Hor El ‘ian; for long time Dr. El Turabi had been lecturing People on the agony of the grave in his Sufi rituals, and how there can be a breaking of the ribs in the grave and fire in the Tomb, and the changing of human skin whenever it overburned,where is the angels which fights with El Mujahedeen in the battle ?? and where is the smell of the musk- Raaeihat El Misk – all these thoughts was annulled overnight; and it was such thoughts which obsessed Dr. Khalil and made him fight like hell, seeking Heaven and to save himself from the agony of the grave and the punishment of the lasting world; and I take this opportunity to salute the open-minded and the enlightened Sudanese which stuck to their convictions and believes and never pursued such illusive thoughts, that their preachers are abandoning it today to suit their own purposes.


3.        In Politics; Dr. Hassan El Turabi in his book of the political terms in Islam translated Secularism, Democracy and Liberalism, and put them in a framework of Islamic Civic; likewise, Dr. El Faki the Chairman of the Legislative Council for Justice and Equality Movement was calling for   Civic State and making his untimely contradictory statements; as futile attempts of selling Dr. El Turabi’s unmarketable goods under the name of vague Civic State ,in clear and flagrant correlation to his Sheikh’s School of thought, and from it any keen reader can deduce the strong relationship and the firm links between the Project of Dr. El Faki of Justice and Equality Movement and that of Dr. Hassan El Turabi; which prove undoubtedly that Justice and Equality Movement was merely the military wing to the National Congress Party, disguised as part of their division of roles; and both of them came to the conclusion that Secularism, Democracy and Liberalism under the unified Sudan, that the leader of SLM/A Mr. Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed El Nur, adamantly calling for was the only solution to Sudan’s injustices and social ills inflicted to the country by them; thus they are raising dust with their Civic State, so as to come tomorrow and say that the application of the National Congress Party to the Shari a laws was not correct, and we can apply it correctly under the Civic State, and nobody knows how many innocent lives will be lost, until their new Project bear fruits, and the Country will continually be under the custodian of the Islamists.


Secondly: The Justice.


The Sudan Liberation Movement/Army supports the principle of justice and no other thing except total justice and even if it’s to us; thus the following are our definite stands concerning the issue of justice.


A.       Personal Prosecution to the Culprits.


Stemming from our total belief and uncompromised stands on the issue of justice and that, it’s the only thing with which the Sudanese people can be relieved from the mess they are in today; accordingly, we are calling the ICC to widely investigate the crimes committed in South Sudan,Nuba Mountain, Blue Nile, Eastern Sudan ;as well as the crimes of martyr’s of Ramadan, Kagabar Dam, the Public Interest and the countless crimes, to which Dr. Hassan El Turabi and Dr. Khalil Ibrahim were responsible; and it is essential to mention here that all the Islamists of Sudan bear a collective responsibility to the crimes inflicted on the Sudanese people;therefore,we are challenging the drivers of the crimes machine, such as Dr.El Turabi,Dr. Khalil IBrahim,Dr. El Faki and their likes to hand over themselves to  ICC, if they have any ounce of shame and credibility.


B.       Combating the Islamists Ideology and Philosophy.


The world had witnessed the prosecution of the Nazists and the Fascists, and never allowed their Ideology and ideas to set it’s filthy roots, regardless of what they did to reproduce themselves, under new ideals, for the sake of humanity and human values, and such combat was direly needed today before tomorrow; in order to repel the Islamists poisonous ideas from separating and reemerging under new terms; if peace and stability were to be realized for the common good of all. And it is worth while to mention here that; as part of the Islamists maneuver and chameleon-like behavior, the Field Marshal Omar Al- Bashir, after the indictment of the ICC, did a shuttle trip to Dar Fur; where he presented his farewell speech which resembles an apologize in it’s content, and further spoke about development Projects, Social Services and the unification of the national front and line; did he think that the Dar Furian people will forgive him and forget????????


Absolutely not, because they know full well that tomorrow as he was doing today, Al- Bashir will continue killing them under new drama to quench. His blood thirst, such as the national initiative………….etc; therefore, it’s imperative for the ICC to prosecute Al- Bshir and his Aides, if the killing of people now and in the future were to be stopped; and it’s also imperative for the ICC to hold Dr. Hassan El Turabi, Dr. Khalil Ibrahim, Dr El Faki and their Associates accountable for their crimes; if the killing of Sudanese under vague Civic State or any other name were to be avoided in the future; for they are two sides to one Coin, and that is the Coin of Islamism .


Finally we have full confidence in the discern ness of the Sudanese people; that Dr. Khalil Ibrahim and Dr. El Faki will not outsmart and allude them with their Civic State Project and the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army will ever remain vigilant to disclose and refute such white lies.




19 / 8 / 2008

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