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It is a time for all Peace forces to take action By : Matur Aciek
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Jan 30, 2007 - 5:19:40 PM


"It is a time for all Peace forces to take action and rid Sudan from the Devil "


By : Matur Aciek

Kauda , Nuba Mountains

Email : [email protected]



It was correct when late Dr. John Garang said during the peace talks   negotiated in Nairobi after signing the initials   of the   six protocols which was a great success .   He said   they are going to discuss   the details of the agreement .   He added that " the evil is in the details of the agreement" , that was a prediction and it has taken place . And after the peace was signed the great devil appeared   when   the practical implementation was to take place.  

That was mostly   observed   by those   following up the Sudanese peace agreement whether inside Sudan or abroad . The first   appearance of that devil after peace signature    to me was at the time of forming the Government of National Unity (GoNU) , when the National Congress Party insisted on keeping the two ministeries of finance and the mining at its side . Secondly the delayment to form various commissions such as the civil service , parliamentary and constitutional review commission, and the list delays   continues .

The most important breaches to the CPA in my opinion are :

The issue of Abyei status : although the CPA has stated clearly that it would be administered directly by the presidency , it is staying up to now without resolving the borders issue neigther forming its council and the development many people there are longing to see in their area . The border was demarcated as it was said in the CPA   , that it will done by agreement parties and the international experts . And that final descision should have been   reached by the two partners because they have participated in together   but the devil is still dreaming of taking back Sudanese to war .

Secondly : the security violations in different   areas of south Sudan , Nuba Mountains other areas   threaten peace which cost a lot to make it a reality .

The protocol of Nuba Mountains which the national congress party   delayed for one year until the issue was taken to the presidency and the security arrangement is another issue   . And even when it was resolved by the presidency ,   no clear sign to date   of the spirit of partnership to complete the   remaining laws/regulations of the state legislature to speed up the development in south Kordofan .

Dr. Garang was really a visionary leader he talked about a lot of things which are   happening nowadays. He talked about the split in the ruling party at the   time of war. After   the split in the SPLM/A in the early nineties , the SPLM has overcomed those problems by the rational leadership of late Dr. Garang   . If we can recall our minds back to the year 1999 it was the year where the split took place in the ruling party   which led to emergence of the popular and national congress party .

The devil is still struggling    and trying to destablise the situation .

What is needed from our leaders   is to encourage and   strengthen our marginalized people and keep their    moral high     . And from this point I would like to to appreciate the   work done   by    those comrades in the Nothern sector , comrade Yassir Arman ,   Kual Manyang Ramadan    Shemiela   , Tabitha Butrus Dr. Amin Zakaria , Agok Makur and comrade    Deng Goj and the rest of comrades working behind curtains   . The organization and follow up   of the SPLM as a party   is significant for this period .

The south sector is now on process of organization led by comrade Pagan Amum , all these make our marginalized people proud of SPLM . And on top of that is our great   Moses , comrade Salva Kiir's performance and his cabinet, and his   visits to foreign countries looking for means to support peace implementation through the pledges made by   international community .   I heard on the news ,of   his excellency's   visit to    Darfur . the combat   corruption in the south is one of the   good things done by comrade Salva Kiir and that will make development easy    and even in the north we need the same procedures to be taken to combat corruption because it is the worst of all in Sudan   .

All the above work is a big   credit for the Sudan people but we   need more from other   peace makers   because CPA   was not the made of SPLM/A alone it is time for all the peace forces to take their   action peacefully and rid Sudan from the devil of division,    because the elections are around the corner we need to get rid of this evil destabilizing Sudan .

That action was translated by the people of Abyei when they took the initiative of fighting the devil peacefully   and taking a right decision of controlling their area . Dr. Garang said that CPA   is a Sudanese peace not Dr. Garang or Omer Beshir's , so peacefully and united   we can   solve our problems and overcome our enemy   .

We can overcome the devil if we really believe in our rights and be patient to regain our rights back.



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