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International Criminal Court Has Been Political Corporation … by Gibreel Musa Ahmed ---- Khartoum - Sudan
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Jul 22, 2008 - 9:06:46 AM

International Criminal Court Has Been Political Corporation …


Right now the world witnessing dangerous scene in the arena of the political conflicts between Islamic states and the west , the conspiracy began with Plastinian president Yassir Arafat he was poisoned in Ramallah and died in Paris one of the imperialist capitals , secondly the west played very filthy game with hero of the Arab nation president Saddam Hussien they accused him by developing nuclear weapons , under this unwise pretext they invaded Iraq and hanged its president and left the country living in great chaos under their occupation .

According to their plan of eradicating the Arab leaders , now they decided to arrest Sudanese president Omer Albashir under a pretext that he committed genocide and war crimes , in fact it is laughing stock to hear such kind of accusation the west is not qualified enough to accuse others of committing war crimes , so the daily genocide , war crimes and rapes which taking place in Iraq and Afghanestan what can we call them ???

The tortures of the Abugheraib prisoners in Iraq as well great scandal on the face of the American occupation….

The International Criminal Court ICC operating under American policy the USA giving ICC green light to carryout political job …

The ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo issued a proposal of arresting Sudanese President this decision faced by denunciation world wide , and in Sudan faced by sarcasm and the Sudanese people consider Ocampo no more than employee receiving his orders from the American Administration , so the decision of arresting Albashir uncovered a mask of the political court .

Sudan is not a part of the Rome treaty , so it has every right not to accept any accusation from the ICC , Sudan not recognize by the ICC as well some countries not recognize by the ICC because they are not part of it , we in the Sudan know very well that the west and Israel had created Darfur war to find pretext to disunite the country and then to occupy it as they did in Iraq and Afghanestan, but we send clear message to prosecutor Ocampo and his lords that sudan not like other territories which they occupied Sudan is an other story now we deploying all the people to stand and speak one language against ICC resolution, we are strong nation will not let political resolutions to pass , firstly the resolution of the ICC targeting the Sudan not the President , the ICC seeking causes of retreating Sudan 30 years back now Sudan witnessing giant economic prosperity and as well petroleum revolution besides to the agricultural development the west looking for pretext to put obstacles in front of this speedy developments .

Now the people of Darfur denounced the ICC resolution, they stated that there are no any genocide in Darfur it is ordinary war and now the peace process underway , and there are many UN organizations visited Darfur and reported that there are no genocide and war crimes , meanwhile ICC prosecutor Ocampo collecting false informations from the Darfurian traitors who are living in the luxurious hotels in London and Washington and they themselves know nothing about Darfur for decades they have not visited Darfur so we can say to Ocampo you are wrong and you are not professional prosecutor all your informations are suspected and not from independent sources , such case necessitate that Ocampo to visit the region of Darfur .But Mr. Ocampo doesn’t like to bother himself because he knows very well this case is political this is why he didn’t visit the region !!! Ocampo not in a position to talk about genocide in the Sudan firstly he must issue a proposal against George Bush and Ehud Olmert .



Gibreel Musa Ahmed   ---- Khartoum - Sudan


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