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Instability in southern Sudan by Salma Al Tagani
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Aug 28, 2008 - 2:58:42 PM

Instability in southern Sudan

It is not enough what Upper Nile State authorities stated that it managed to arrest members of a gang which committed several crimes against the innocent civilians in the state. It seems that the said gangs expanded its power to form an illegal government by itself.

Three years after signing the CPA, why should the villages still be burning and insecurity is persistent allover Southern Sudan? The tribal wars continued to shed more blood of innocent women, innocent children and innocent elderly persons in southern Sudan. Why should people from one tribe be against another tribe and maintain bitter differences to kill themselves in vain? Why should deadly sticks and guns be used to kill one another?
The looting of belongings is still going on between one tribe and another in order to get rich at the expenses of another. The leaders of the South have been quoted by the press as admitting the existence of ghost names in the workers’ pay lists to get more and more money. This means that the administrative organs are sinking in the corruption swamp and have no time to control the situation.

The delay of salaries even for SPLA elements for months and months is quite enough for them to use their weapons to get money. The lack of confidence between the governors and their officials has created a suitable environment for the gangs to expand as the officials are busy with their differences. Informed sources in GoSS stated that the GoSS President is not only required to put off the fires and contain it but more important is to build a strong and clean government by selecting qualified honest personnel irrespective of their parties to run the civil service.



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