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I agree with the “colonization” of the United Nations Organization, but I detest and strongly reject the Egyptian COLONIZATION of Halaib triangle By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa
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Jul 6, 2006 - 4:53:00 PM

I agree with the “colonization” of the United Nations Organization, but I detest and strongly reject the Egyptian COLONIZATION of Halaib triangle

By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfur Friends Association (DFA)
July 5, 2006
The Coward dictator Omar Al-Bashir never mentions the colonized Halaib triangle by Egypt. Because, he hasn’t got enough courage to recover it. Nevertheless, now he’s accusing the UN of colonialism, just because it wants to end the genocide that’s taking place in Darfur since 2003. AL-INTIKAS(1) regime is reviving the old slogan of “Jihad” that’s been used hypocritically against the SPLM/A for years in order to recruit fighters during the war in south Sudan. Now the Janjaweed Field Marshal Omar Al-Bashir and his accomplices are weeping because they’re having nightmares with the ICC and its jail. The AL-INTIKAS’ HAKAMAT(2) like Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Shush are still igniting the civil war's fire using hatred and ethnic confrontation so as to widen the gape between the Darfurian ethnic groups and the Sudanese in general, but if the war comes, I’m sure they’ll weep and cry like women and search for a hole to hide themselves like a rat with their master Omar Al-Bashir.

Yes of course, Sudan is a Sovereign state, but its criminal dictator and his accomplices haven’t the right to commite crimes against the humanity nor have any kind of immunity

The sovereignty of a nation disappears when their leaders commit crimes against the humanity massacring their own citizens, when they foment atrocities against a certain ethnic groups or the nation is unable to halt ethnic confrontations in the country . Today, all these conditions exist in Darfur: The regime is using the Janjaweed militia to commit atrocities, the national mass media is propagating hatred among the Sudanese people and demonizing a certain ethnic groups. Moreover, many parts of the national territory are still out of control of the central government. Moreover, almost 3.000.000 Darfurian people are still homeless.

The best solution for the current situation is the confrontation within AL-INTIKAS regime and the disappearance of the genocidal Omar Al-Bashir from the power

Sudan will regain real democracy and peace, if a new “Souar Al-Dahab” (3) appears and stands beside the majority of the Sudanese people, in order to prevent the false patriots of AL-INTIKAS from destroying the nation and provoke more massacres.

If someday the “brave” dictator Omar Al-Bashir lead the Janjaweed militia and fight against the UN’s forces, then the SPLM/A will fight against the dictator and the issue of self determination for the South will need no referendum

The dictator Omar Al-Bashir is governing our country with a military mentality. He doesn’t improve his mentality during all these decades in power; since he never acts as a politician:
On April 2nd, 2005. he said: “I swear thrice in the name of Almighty Allah that I shall never hand over any Sudanese national to a foreign court” (he meant that he’ll never hand over any of the suspects of the Darfur’s atrocities to the International Criminal Court (ICC), even though The UN Security Council Resolution 1593 forces him to do so) .
On June 21, 2006 he described the UN’s forces as the following:
"These are colonial forces and we will not accept colonial forces coming into the country. They want to colonise Africa, starting with the first sub-Saharan country to gain its independence. If they want to start colonisation in Africa, let them choose a different place."
“ I’ll never allow UN peacekeepers into Darfur and I’d lead the "resistance" against any foreign force”
It’s disappointing to hear or read such KALAM KHARIM-BARIM!!! (nonesence comments) from an element that suppose to be the President of the Republic of Sudan. Therefore, I feel ashamed of him and his attitudes are outrageous and very dangerous for the future of our country, because he’s a small Sadam.
(1) The setback.
(2) female singers who encourage trybe fighters praising them.
(3) He’s an exceptional Sudanese military man, because he stood by the people when the popular uprise took place in 1985 against the former dictator Nimeri. He left the power after a free general election has been held and the winner, Mr. Sadiq Al-Mahdi formed his government.

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