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Hold your nose Sudan finance minister speaking by Hatim El-Medani*
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Nov 20, 2008 - 1:44:23 PM

Hold your nose Sudan finance minister  speaking

With no doubt Sudan under Al-Bashir and the opportunists from (Numairi old Mafia ) has become a lawless and desperate place tangled in more Civil and international conflict than ever in its history,cursed by hopeless corrupt none effective government.

Today Sudan swarmed by more than 18 plus not officially yet recognised local terrorist, rebel groups and loose tribal militias, there side by side with Sudan regular army SAF, the Popular Defence Force P.D.F, the South SPLM and SPLA former reble forces, the South Sudan Defence Forces SSDF ,the Sudan Eastern Front (EF) rebels,Darfur SLM and JEM rebels, also there the CPA agreed joint integrated units JIU and the newly-formed JIU after Abyei clashes,alongside all these armies and militia we find the United Nations Misions Forces,UNMIS in the nuba mountain area,another 10000 UNMIS force in southern Sudan,the expected 26000 UNMID for Darfur this including the African force AUM there. the only places left in Sudan "predictably soon" to have its own militias and the presence of a UN forces is the Northern province Upper and lower Nubia.

Militarising the country is not the only plague Al-Bashir (Mafia) has spread or brought upon the country. Corruption is Sudan new name today,shamelessly edging into becoming the world's poorest, most corrupt and war-torn country rivalling Chad,the Congo and at best but most certainly Somalia in near feature,a new casual attitude towards financials crimes by the new get rich quickly business generations, mostly those returning from exiled bringing to the country many new fraudulent behaviours unknown to its trustee by nature people, the kind of behaviours you only find in Africa in Nigeria's Chad and Kenyans,where dealing in anything has the hallmark of fraudulence activities, but Sudan now is becoming too 'home to the planet's greatest fraudsters',this also due to the mining fever now sweeping our mineral-richits Sudan,controlled by the Islamist extremist potentates new elite - the president crooks,the wana be politicians,many of them were espousing various forms of "the Jihadist terror's era mentality".In the midst of all this Khartoum and Juba are dubiously in another world of their own, none stop conferences and parties, where Oil, land and mining assets concessions exchange hands generously by Bashir mafia and Keir's "black suite pink tie" southern warlords. corrupt officials has invited waves of terrorist associated investors and the most notorious foreign Mafias, even the ones invited to open official tenders by the government are renown internationally as black listed dodgy companies, all joined in the "free for all looting of Sudan" under covert characters, exploiting the political and economic chaos in the country. According to many close sources within the regime, any member of the security service or the Mafia inner circle accompanied by a lookalike Arab Sheikh or a green eyes eastern European pretending to be British or Russian with any phony company formation documents can obtain easily a blank signed contract and a "not even asked for" concessions,from the ministry of trade and investment and the ministry of minerals exploration unit officials, no questions asked or follow up accountability,the stories about the clauses imposed by these investors and how these mining companies in uranium, Diamonds, chrome and gold..etc are operating is beyond believe, we heard about the unlicensed rouge ones and the semi-officials ones, where all in true term are smuggling their undeclared productions, under the noses of the state channels with the blessing and protection of the regime mafia,such stories becoming a not any more secret whispers or flagged as rumours on the streets of Khartoum. Needless to say these natural resources were not only regularly stolen but they, in fact, partially fuelling the conflicts all over the country and a source of finance to many terrorist groups across the globe.

Yet there is a great deal more about corruption in Sudan and its not only in the minerals sector. Land acquisitions fraudulently by the Islamists banks mafia has reached an unprecedented high level, pure official corruption to the scale that never seen before and the irony is the open colluding between the state organs and the underworld criminals, where for example a quite rural village called "Al-Hatab" in the "Bataheen area" where it has been gracefully there for hundreds of years, but reportedly its residents woken up one morning to find a new owner about to start demolishing their houses,unknown to them or the local near by,but they found out not surprisingly the new agriculture land grabbing Mafia had sold them remotely from Khartoum and the new owner was armed with government documentations and deeds awarding him the lands for new farming investment,when the villagers called for help from their local authority they found out even the local authority unaware of such land award, they were left despite their limited resources to fork out huge legal bill as to fight the president mafia which as usual doing even with its own local the twist and turns of explanations, another of the many stories of how the country became lawless;where member of Bashir Mafia fenced the whole avenue a round his luxury house including the streets laughably portion of the highway near by too, no questions asked again.

We are not amused  here about their crimes at local level if the local media has the freedom to expose such, in the national level the amount of claims we collected for planned under formation drive as part of Sudan Centre for Investigative Reporting,it become clear to us the financial manipulation in Sudan today are on a breathtaking scale and most cases speak volume and each a damning and detailed indictment of the mafia economic misbehaviour,the problem is this kind of information we are archiving won't get us all the way to confirming the precise who, when and how-much of the illicit side deals,kickback commissions from ventures assisted by local politicians pocketed by the regime and the billions in graft and smuggling, that became the hallmarks of Bashir-Numairi's Mafia.

For example we know now days Bashir-Mafia scam is to underprice its oil sales where its international dodgy contractors would kick back part of the take to the regime crooks accounts abroad or divert it to whatever uses the Mafia involve in. But we don't know if its CPA partners are too involved?,we aware they are parts of even worse fraudulence activities .

Al thou many advised the new drive to seek individuals and companies associated with the regime to be recommended for sanctions including travel bans and financial restrictions,and the new measures also to include some of the foreign companies operating there to be added to a local and international "Sudan List of Shame." these are to include companies who are accused of violating international principles on business practices in war zones in violation of the OECD (the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

We hope the new SCIR work will see light but working with others in this field on the same issues will build water tied claim on cases before them and will send clear signal to these companies and individuals who thought they can get away with it. Is no way really they are "getting away with it"? but sure we will get to achieve just that even to explore the idea of requesting helping hand from leading accounting firms with no previous ties to Sudan Mafia to help conduct the investigation, alongside top criminal investigators. where we think Investigators needed in dealing with the foreign elements of cases should be referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Interpol, Scotland Yard, and other leading international criminal investigative units.

Sudan with such government and a mafia known for it Hippocratic "Islam-isation" of bribes where kickback commissions are stashed abroad to finance its terror project but sadly the money are milked from war and hunger stricken communities where they deliberately fuel and orchestrate as a cover up for the theft , It leave one only to ask: "What law-abiding company could possibly operate with the regime today in Sudan and what law-abiding individual could possibly trade with them " knowingly even the wealth that is legally obtained by the government often times does not reach the country's citizens and you don't need to look further than Khartoum streets itself never mind Darfur or the countless IDP camps.

Corruption by the regime will remains always a real obstacle to achieving stability and growth, and to improving the lives of the people of Sudan,the perpetrators within the government and its economic Mafia has nothing to gain in a peaceful democratic Sudan because they know for them it mean they have to face accountability.

Our finance minster Mr Al-Jaz is pulling our legs recently and not worth a replay,and Bashir. can say what he like about Britain, the US,.. or put them under his boots...etc. But while he might not relish being "the unacceptable face of terror-Islam" for sure they are "the ugly face of neo-Islam" with at least some justification,oil-smuggling, financing terrorist operations,genocides,fraud and deceit,

And we all know the air bubble Bashir and Co. blowing, especially after the ICC call, when suddenly he shouted; "I found it" like (Archimedes).and guess what he found at last?! a Sudan People Initiative for Darfur!!. Of course the whole process nothing but another twist and turn manoeuvres by Bashirs Mafia in their desperate attempt to head off the ICC, in a matter of fact it was half-baked implementations of the French and Bush oil crooks false promises conditions for the deferral of the ICC indictment, that will never happen because simply no one has so far been prosecuted for serious crimes committed in Darfur even those allegedly directly linked to massacres and several violations of international human rights and international humanitarian law in Darfur.and Al-Bashir mafia all know well; is not Bashir alone on the secret list of 52 names handed over by the UN to the ICC in March 2005 ,and this list is not going to disappear like the "Durah Traders" file's and that is another long story, its 2millions victims still awaiting justice!!

Again according to close source within this Mafia, the amount of money been spent to head off the ICC since Aug. could only be described as "Oil-for-ICC deferral". be it to organisations, individuals and in hosting lavish conferences all over the Arab countries and Africa to buy support, and on the many talking-shops,these amounted to nearly one billions dollars,equal to the state revenue for that period minus their usual commissions that stashed in Chaina,Malaysia and other save heavens and the only explanations ever been given to the poor state auditors about where the money spent? is the usual answer: undisclosed "security matters"!?.the Mafia still think the world doesn't know about its Switzerland-Malaysian-Yemen-UAE-Saudi Arabia-Mauritania; Islamist network connections and terrorist-financing ventures?!

We will do our utmost best to retrieve every shilling from 1982 that belong to our people and the one's starved to death.. the gloves are off and we will see who has to dream about "licking his elbow"!!.

Hatim El-Medani*

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