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Has the President Omar El-Bashir Defeated the World?By Akol Meyan Kuol
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Sep 26, 2006 - 11:12:00 PM

Has the President Omar El-Bashir Defeated the World?
By Akol Meyan Kuol
Last year, the founder of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), the late Chairman and Commander-In-Chief of SPLM/A/NDA, Honourable Dr John Garang de Mabior suggested the deployment of 30,000 strong force in Darfur Region made up of 10, 000 from SPLA, 10,000 from SAF and 10,000 from AU. Unfortunately, that suggestion did not see the light, especially, after his sudden death.
It is good that Africans should try to solve their problems by themselves and that is why 7,000 AU Forces are in the region. These AU forces have tried their best by going to Darfur, but unfortunately, they have proved their failure in their mission in Darfur. They are not able to protect the black civil population in Darfur. The genocide is still going on. SAF and Janjaweed are still killing the innocent Darfurians. The international community has shown its concern and worry but it is not able to take any action to rescue the Darfurians either. SPLM on its side has welcomed the coming in of the UN Peacekeeping Force to Darfur, and the National Congress Party is opposing it. African countries are not doing enough to put pressure on President Omar El-Bashir to allow the UN Peacekeeping Force to replace AU Force, with the exception of some countries such as Namibia. Arab Leaguge is also opposing the coming of the UN Force to Darfur. And it is because it is Africans who are being killed in Darfur and that is why it does not care. If it were Plastinians who are being killed Arabs would have asked for the immediate coming in of the UN Peacekeeping force. The National Congress Party and Janjaweed want to wipe out Dafurians from their homeland.
U.N. Security Council passed a resolution no.1706 allowing the coming in of the UN Peacekeeping force to Darfur but President El-Bashir has totally rejected the resolution. And instead, he has extended the period of AU force in Darfur upto 31 December, 2006.
In 2003, the US and the UK entered Iraq without a mandate from the U.N. Security Council and ousted the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein from power. In the case of Sudan there is a mandate from the U.N.Security Council concerning the entry of the U.N Peacekeeping force to Darfur to stop the genocide. But will they be able to enter Darfur without a permission from President El-Bashir? Days will tell.
Will we (national and international community) be able to prevent the similar genocide of Rwanda from repeating itself in Darfur? Also days will tell. But time is running out.
I am afraid that SAF and Janjaweed will finish the people of Darfur before the wanted 51 criminals are presented to the International Criminal Court (ICC).
According to my knowledge, all Darfurians are Muslims and President El-Bashir is still killing them. I wonder why? Oh, I remember, it is because they are Africans. I heard of only one Darfurian who was a Christian, Saint Bakhita who died long time ago.
Will AU force be able to protect the Darfurians with this new extention of its mandate in the region? Time will tell.

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